21 May 2011

Georgia Blue Meteor 20MAY2011

Chickamauga station video (c) 2011 NASA
Tellus Station in Cartersville (c) 2011 NASA

Atlanta, Georgia Meteor just before 11:00 pm 20MAY2011
Just before 11pm, I saw a blue meteor. White tail, blue front. Am sure it was in our atmosphere, it was close, huge! Atlanta, GA area. Today is May 20, 2011 -Anon.

hour south of Atlanta, Georgia
Guest775 (guest): We saw a green with white and yellow meteorite type object shoot across the sky in Georgia -an hour south of Atlanta - heading north. It lasted 3-5 seconds. Moving very fast. Very far away.Very pretty.

Dacula, Ga
tmausburn83: Matt Ausburn, 11:00pm eastern time, Dacula Ga. I saw a big blue fire ball bright as could be fly across the sky! It took my breath away!

Athens, GA
Guest508 (guest):Athens, GA. Huge blue and white meteor with white tail seen in Athens, GA just before 11pm eastern time. Huge,and seemed very close. Kind of spooky with all the doomsday talk for tomorrow.

Acworth, GA
Acworth, GA. Not sure what time. Estimating about 11:30. Saw what appeared to be a blue meteor with a white trail fly over my house. I have never seen anything like this before! So beautiful! And so close! Wish I could see where it landed so I could find the meteor. It didn't make any kind of noise. Are they supposed to? -carolann0101

Woodstock /Canton area of North Georgia
I saw a large brilliant green streak in the sky around 11:00 pm. Give or take a minute or two. It lasted for about 2 seconds. Woodstock Canton area of North Georgia. I"ve seen a few Meteor showers before, but have never witnessed anything as large and bright as this. It actually lit up the sky for a second or two. - John L.

Decatur, Georgia
Guest254 (guest):Saw the meteorite last night over Decatur, Georgia a few miles from Atlanta around 11:00 PM - very bright,moved from east to west, bluish-white in color, no sound.

Cloudland, GA
Cloudland, GA (Lookout Mountain, NW Georgia) saw the brilliant blue/green with a white tail for about 3-5 seconds going east to west directly overhead. -Steven

Dalton, GA
Just before 11 p.m. on May 20, 2011, in Dalton, GA, I saw a beautiful meteor for about two seconds. It was mostly blue and glowed very brightly. Never seen anything quite as beautiful as this before. It made no noise. My wife had her back to the meteor and didn’t see it. I was hoping she could have seen it. Appeared to be traveling North to South, but can’t guarantee that. -Richard M.

Holly Springs GA
Time: about 11pm EST May 20 2011
I saw the most beautiful meteor last night. It had a bright white tail with a greenish head and streaked across the sky for about 3 seconds. I have seen many meteors but never one as spectacular as this one. -Erin W

Gainsville, GA
BBQhorse: May 20,2011, around 11PM(?)in Gainsville, GA I witnessed a meteor traveling very fast from NE to SW. It caught my attention with a long white streak before exploding in a bright green flash and disappearing behind the tree line. Did anyone else see this beautiful meteor?

Ive never seen anything like what I saw last night around ten thirty. A bright light of energy growing in size as it traveled shot across the sky lasting about 5 seconds. I was so caught up in the moment I do not remember the exact color but I do remember the light getting brighter and more brilliant as it came to an end. GOD IS LIGHT. Energy. EXUM -Ezy

Northeast of Clanton, Alabama Meteor ~9:40 pm
Saw a meteor about 9:40 pm Northeast of Clanton Alabama Started out Large yellow with white tail then turned blue green with pieces breaking away. Bright large flashes lighting up the sky and it disappeared.    I suspect it may be the same one that was seen in Georgia.   We’re about 2 hours drive time to the west of Atlanta Georgia. First time reporting a meteorite sighting.  It was very impressive to see. thank you -Billy and Melissa Enterkin

Photos? Videos?
Please help out with information. We need the Date and Time of these events, please let me know your Location (town,city), Start and Stop location in sky, Direction of movement, Brightness (venus, moon, Sun), color, sounds? Thank you!LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com
2011 Year of Green Meteors!


Anonymous said...

Seen two few min apart first one flashed the second streaked across the sky as I'm watching airplane with binoculars little before 11:00pm brackenridge pa. .

digital_fiction said...

I Saw here in Geneva around 9:45 or 10pm. But the Color is not green or blue...it's red orange, like a big fire flame in the sky! it looks big Meteor to me... I though his going to drop somewhere in Europe?

Jeff said...

It was 10:58 ETA North-Northwest approximate altitude 8mile JR

Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

I saw this in N. Florida Fri. @ 22:45 ET. It looked close it was so big. Bright blue flame and large piece broke off midway.It was AWESOME. I did scream! Was in north, moving to the west. Best I've ever seen, by far.

Anonymous said...

I was coming home from Va to Athens, Ga., on I85 S, and before I got to Commerce, approx. 10:46pm, I saw a meteorite shoot horizontally from the Southernly to Northernly sky.It had a tail, and was mostly green, then blue and the tail was white..it was pretty large, bright,and burned out in a few seconds.very cool...

Anonymous said...

My beutiful girlfriend and I were in the midst of ending our relationship and I jumped up out of my chair and we both observed an amazing blue meteor fly through the nite sky above her house. She won't tell me her wish.

Alpharetta Ga