15 February 2011

Another spectacular Fireball over Italy 22:34:56 UT 12FEB2011

Italy Superbolide Fireball Meteor Ripreso 12FEB2011
spectacular fireball over Italy

Alessandro Severi  
(c) 2011 ALL Rights RESERVED- Illegal to COPY
video only double "flash" ( fireball outside FOV )
copyright: Alessandro Severi - videostation IMTN -  Valcanneto (Roma)
Camera Supercircuits PC-164 B/W - Computar Lens 2.7/8mm f/1  set: 3.5 mm  exp:1/50s
Long: 12.29N  Lat. 41.53E

Daniele Cataldi
(C) 2011  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED -Illegal to Copy
Daniele Cataldi - LTPA Observer Project - Lariano ( Roma ) - 
IMTN ( Italian Meteor and TLE Network )
camera with integration  frame ( 32x ) lens 3.5mm f:1.2

Best Regards, Dirk!

Ferruccio Zanotti
IMTN ( Italian Meteor and TLE Network )

link: http://meteore.forumattivo.com/t1645-superbolide-ripreso-il-12-febbraio-2011-lariano-rm

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