16 February 2011

PA NJ NY CONN RI Philadelphia Daytime Bolide Fireball 12:45 EST 14FEB2011

MIKE HANKEY / www.mikesastrophotos.com
The red line shows a possible path of a fireball, based on reports on Feb. 14, 2011. The red figures represent witnesses who saw it move left to right, the green ones right to left.

Readers of Meteor/Meteorite News Write:
Bayonne, New Jersey Meteor between noon and 1pm 14FEB2011
Anonymous wrote, "I saw a meteorite today in Bayonne, New Jersey between noon and 1pm. It appeared out of nowhere in my line of sight coming down toward the shoreline, and disintegrated about 100 feet above the ground in an instant ! "

Ulster County, NY Large Daytime Fireball  12:45 p.m., February 14, 2011
Feb 15 2011, 3:38 AM 
Guest233 (guest): Promo3 Large Fireball with trail sighted in Ulster County, NY running from south to north, large, identifiable ball, appeared to be set for impact in Eastern Ulster County or Western Dutchess County, NY north of Rhinebeck, at approx. 12:45 p.m., February 14, 2011. Disappeared behind hills, lost sight and saw no impact cloud, but seemed to be headed for a measurable impact.

Long Island, NY huge fireball approx 12:50 p.m
Feb 15 2011, 3:44 AM
Guest301 (guest): On Long Island, NY approx 12:50 p.m.(feel like I'm crazy) I just saw a huge fireball, silvery metallic long bright tail headed almost directly down seemed to disappear right above roof and tree tops. I pulled over and waiting to hear an explosion or at least smell smoke or something.

NJ Meteor  14FEB2011
Feb 15 2011, Meteor 3:49 AM 14FEB2011
April (guest)wrote: 2/14/11 Husband golfing in NJ saw what he thought was a meteor? Any other reports?

Old Bridge, NJ circular meteor  ~1:00 pm 2/14/2011
Feb 15 2011, 4:21 AM
Guest187 (guest): SG- 2/14/2011 Old Bridge, NJ Driving on Route 34- Saw a circular meteor appear with long red flare ending- it was there for a seconds and gone instantly- it glided like a shooting star -1pm in the afternoon- red as can be !!

Warwick, RI Meteor 12:35 pm 14FEB2011
Feb 15 2011, 4:49 AM
Guest266 (guest): saw one today in Warwick ri. I was on rte 2 about 12:35pm large silver ball with long trail

N.J. parkway southbound Tight ball of flame with a fire trail 12:34 pm 14FEB2011
Feb 15 2011, 7:57 AM
Guest213 (guest): feb 14 2011.Driving home on n.j. parkway southbound at 12:34 pm mile marker 117-116. Saw something fall, hurtling in a straight line down. about 30 to 40 yards east. Tight ball of flame with a fire trail about 15 to 20 feet with smoke.

Newark Airport air traffic controllers meteor 12:30 local time 14FEB2011

Feb 15 2011, 9:48 AM
Guest18 (guest): 4 Newark Airport air traffic controllers observed meteor over eastern sky bright silver with long tail approximately 12:30 local time. Signed, one of the 4.

Pt. Pleasant NJ.meteor  Approx. 12:50pm 14FEB2011

Feb 15 2011, 10:11 AM
Guest45 (guest): Pt. Pleasant NJ. Approx. 12:50pm saw similar meteorite that has been reported. Got good look at the end of entry. Angle was straight down heading dur east. Bright silver yellow tail with orange and green blue toward one side. Disintegrated above horizon of the Atlantic. Exceptional speed... doubt it was space junk.

Egg Harbor, NJ shooting star 14FEB2010
Feb 15 2011, 11:00 AM
Jim (guest): On Twisted Dune GC in Egg Harbor, NJ. Silvery ball like "shooting star" for about a second or so across good portion of sky. Heard a bit of a woosh and then it flashed out. Definitely a little intimidating but cool!
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NYC Fireball sighting - 2/14/10
I live in Manhattan on the 27th floor of my building. Was eating lunch around 12:45pm, and I have a view of the Empire State Building. Just to the left of it, I saw a bright orange flash and then a green streak that lasted what seemed to be less than a second. - Shawn Wickens

Philadelphia, PA meteor 12:40 14FEB2011
Feb 15 2011, 12:27 PM
Guest378 (guest): I saw the meteor that came down in Philly. Spectacular, bright came Almost straight down. Positioning reported by news inaccurate though. If yOu want more info please contact me at 270 8719888  This was approx. 12:40 on 2/14/2011

How can I find out of others saw the same thing as me today?
At approximately 12:50 p.m. in clear blue skies Nassau County, Long Island, New York while driving I saw a huge fireball (?) with a bright white front and long silver metallic tail. It lasted about 5 seconds or so after I noticed it. It was headed straight down and was incredibly beautiful. I realize it is difficult to determine the height of objects in the sky but this seems to be right above the tree and roof tops. I had no idea what it was since I didn't know these things were visible during the day. I became quite alarmed immediately thinking it was some sort of terrorist attack and became concerned for my childrens' safety. I pulled over after it vanished and rolled my window down waiting to hear a crash, smell smoke or hear sirens. There was nothing and it was gone! I posted about in on my FB but everyone thought I was nuts! Tell me I wasn't seeing things lol!
- Maryellen Lawless

Approximately 12:50 p.m. today 2/14/11 clear blue skies in Nassau County, Long Island, New York while driving I saw a huge fireball(?) with a bright white front and long brilliant metallic silver tail headed almost directly down. It lasted about 4-5 seconds after I initially noticed it and then it was gone. I have NEVER seen anything like it. It looked incredibly close to the tree and roof tops but I realize the hight of objects in the sky cannot be accurately judged. I pulled over certain to hear some sort of explosion, to smell smoke or hear sirens. There was nothing. It was amazingly fast, beautiful and then gone.

Eastern PA fireball 12:30 PM 2/14/2011 
Anonymous wrote:
I live in eastern PA and also saw a fireball in the sky in the SE at about 12:30 PM 2/14/2011 looked quite large with a long tail

alexander wrote, What's I just see on the sky above central NJ,USA by noon time?
It was long bright line from South to North down?

Mike Hankey writes:
"There have been over 20 reports to the AMS in the last hour about this.
That is a lot of reports in a short amount of time for a day time
fireball, so it must have been pretty significant.
I ran a quick plot on the AMS reports and it doesn't look good"

Robert Lunsford of AMS writes:
The American Meteor Society has received numerous reports of a brilliant daylight fireball occurring over the northeastern USA near 
1240 EST on February 14. To view summaries of these reports please visit the AMS Fireball Table at: 

Refer to event #208
Clear Skies!
Robert Lunsford
American Meteor Society 

Possible Meteorite Spotted Over Philly
Fox 29 has received several reports of an object that resembled a meteor that has spotted in the sky near the Philadelphia Navy Yard facility.  Fox 29 TV reporter Chris O'Connell also saw the object, which he described as "majestic" and "beautiful," at about 12:35 p.m. ...

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Anonymous said...

Feb 14 2011.While driving home n.j.parkway southbound between milemarker 117-116 around 12:34. saw something fall, hurtling in a straight line down to my left (east).Tight ball bright with a trail of flame about 10 to 15 feet and smoke.

Anonymous said...

Saw same kind of object falling from Suffolk Virginia around same time.

Anonymous said...

About Feb 14 2011 between 1230 pm and 1240 pm While driving in Brentwood Long Island NY going south on crooked hill road driving between suffolk community college and the state trooper pd sta I seen a Meteor or a Fireball Ball going down into Brentwood State Park -- Public Safety 131

Anonymous said...

feb 14th i saw a meteor fall near oakknoll school in summit nj @ 12 30

Mike Gruttadauria said...

Yesterday just after getting gas at the Clifton NJ Costco (receipt time is 12:33) I turned on to Route 3 east and just before reaching the Passaic River I too witnessed the fireball with tail heading in what I believe was an easterly direction and going down. This couldn't have been more than 5 -7 minutes after getting the gas receipt. The duration was no more than two seconds maybe less.

Anonymous said...

Okay! So I am not crazy!! As I was driving South in Middletown, NJ @ 12:45 PM, I saw a brilliant blue ball with a yellow tail...Lasted about 5 seconds.
Awesome sight....Heavens Valentine gift to us all!!!

Tom Bell said...

I was sitting in my car in Woodbury, New Jersey on the phone, when I saw an orange fireball with a blue-flame tail fall from the sky and drop down into the horizon. I stopped my conversation and put the window down to listen for an explosion and/or sirens, neither of which I heard. I cheched the time of the call, and this occured at exactly 12:35 pm on February 14, 2011.

Anonymous said...

saw same object,same time driving in south plainfield, nj appeared to be roughly south east of me..bright white light with flamey tail, looked huge, nothing like nighttime meteors that you see. appeared to come down a slight angle but almost straight down. i expected to see smoke from impact because of size and appearance...never saw anything like this before but i have seen meteors.

Eric Hartmann said...

My boss' wife saw it in Mendham NJ around 12:47

Anonymous said...

thank god im not the only one who saw this. i thought i was going crazy and nobody believed me. i saw a bright starlike light with a greenish-blue tail. it lasted only about a second

Anonymous said...

I saw it in Upton, NY (Brookhaven National Lab) at 12:36PM to the southeast. Could have sworn it came down within a mile or so of my location.

Anonymous said...

I saw this at about 12:40 looking south over the long island sound from New Rochelle, NY ~ incredibly large and bright fireball streaking thru the sky and falling into what would have been the atlantic ocean south of long island ~ but it looked closer and I actually thought it might have fallen into the sound or hit the island. Amazingly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Feb15 around 8:40pm Philippine Time, i was about to go out of our house when i was stunned to see a fireball zooming in the dark sky. How wonderful! and i made a wish!