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18 February 2011

Chicago Meteor Fireball ~9:10 pm CST 17FEB2011

Chicago, Illinois "vivid neon green flash"!
Meteorite 2-17-2011(Chicago)
I also saw this. Was about 9:15pm CST I live on the 41st floor on the corner of Monroe St/Michigan ave. My view is east southeast over the lake. I was looking out at the moon shining brightly above Adler Planetarium when I saw a vivid neon green flash over Monroe harbor. From my angle, the meteorite shot straight down toward the lake and disappeared in a matter of 2-3 seconds. Was incredible! - Patricia Dillman.
Thank you Patricia for the email!

Hi. I'm from Downers Grove, IL. I witnessed the green fireball looking out my window at the moon on February 17th. It was a little to the left of the moon. It was green for a second or two, then turned yellow or orange as it was falling closer. I was looking to the east out of my window. I'm about 15 minutes west of Chicago. It was a nice sight to witness. ~Billy Snow

Feb 18 2011, 2:18 PM Guest 631 (guest) wrote:
FROM OAK PARK,IL - I had just turned off Harlem Ave was driving east-bound on Chicago Oak park, IL when the fireball caught my eye. It was looking up at about 75 degrees (from southern horizon) and saw it go straight toward Chicago (due east), but saw it head down, and burn out at about 45 degrees. I would say that it was about traveling about 15 degrees south of 0 degrees being straight above me.The time was about 9:10 - 9:15 PM CST on Feb 17, 2011, I think.

Bike Ride Surprise
Dear Hunter,
Thursday the 17th was unusually warm, so me and my friend Randy went for a bike ride along the lakeshore bike path. We stopped at the tip if Belmont harbor, and while observing the moon we both noticed a bright greenish white light falling from the sky right under the moon, then it disappeared over the lake. It was as if the moon had dripped something into lake michigan. -Cooper

Bloomington, Illinois arrived from on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News ™: NEOs CLOSE APPROACHES TO EARTH FEB 2011 2FEB2011" by searching for meterorite Feb. 17, 2011

Need a witness of this event to email me more about this event so that I can post.  Thank you!.

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tymarra said...

Wow... I thought it was me. What I saw was another bright light before midnight. It was very bright. I was driving though Dolton Il (10 mins south of Chicago)a little before midnight. When we made it home I saw Many tiny lights peeking in and out from behind the clouds. At first I thought it was a plane flying at a very high altitude, but then I saw many more and they were pretty close.