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19 November 2009

Utah Meteor/Meteorite News- 11/18 Bolide Videos 19NOV09

Well, it wasn't the end of the world, or even of all life as we know it. Nope, not a close encounter of the third, or even fourth kind. But a bright light in the sky just after ...

Meteor Caught On Video in Utah

KKTV 11 News
Many Utah residents woke up to a rare treat Wednesday morning; a bright meteor in the night sky. The University of Utah's new Willard L. Eccles Observatory ...

Meteor Lights Up Utah Sky
A large ball of fire is seen streaking across the nighttime sky. Astronomy - Amateur - Meteor shower - Meteors - Meteoroid.

Meteor Lights Up Western Sky

An extremely bright meteor streaked across the Western sky, creating aa lot of buzz in the scientific world and a memorable experience for people who saw it ...

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