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21 August 2009


Bolide Streaks Over Europe Seen by Thousands 15AUG09
Belgium Meteor/Meteorite News
UPDATED Report by Vincent Jacques, Belgium 21AUG09

photo of 15AUG09 bolide taken from Netherlands

On 15 august 2009 at 21:59 local time (19:59 TU) a bright bolide was observed over Europe.
The bolide exploded into two fragments, and was red- yellow; later, after some fragmentation it was extremmely bright, typically green in color.

This bolide was observed by several thousand people from all Netherland, all Belgium, western Germany, western Switzerland, and the north of France.
Fortuanately, the weather was excellent, warm, no clouds, and this day was an official day off.

Two All Sky Cameras recorded (the first in center of France and the second in Alsace, near the German border). Two amateurs recorded the bolide also in Belgium, one during a music concert in Flanders and another during a city party in Wallonie.
In the Netherlands, a lucky car driver took a photo of the bolide.
In Belgium, the "Groupe Astronomie de Spa" recorded the radio path of the bolide, and the audible perturbation during 40 seconds on FM band.

I collected hundreds observation reports, and it seems that a little meteorite could have fallen in the northwest of France or west of Belgium; just before the Channel or North Sea.

Here are included some links:

Link to one Belgian television report:

Link to radio recording + audible perturbation:

Link to "all sky station", in center of France, at more than 400 Km of the real trajectory:

Link to an amateur video recording:

There are many press articles about this bolide on the Internet ( press from Netherland, Belgium, and France):,1

Best regards,

Vincent JACQUES from Belgium

Thank You Vincent for your kind report!!!!

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