01 April 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01APR2021

430000 years ago a meteor exploded over Antarctica, leaving clues in the debris
National Geographic
As it neared the ice, the meteor exploded in the sky, launching a superheated jet of gas and vaporized cosmic debris straight at the ground. These kinds ...

A meteorite exploded in the air above Antarctica 430000 years ago
... a mountain in Antarctica are clues that a meteorite more than 100 yards wide exploded in the sky 430,000 years ago, sending a fireball of vaporized ...

Asteroid singed Antarctic ice sheet 430000 years ago, particles suggest
March 31 (UPI) -- Tiny meteorite particles found in the mountains of Antarctica suggest the Southern Continent's ice sheet was singed by an asteroid ...

Die Bedrohung der Erde durch mittelgroße Asteroiden neu bewerten
Informationsdienst Wissenschaft
Während der Belgian Antarctic Meteorites Expedition (BELAM) 2017-2018, stationiert an der belgischen Princess Elisabeth Antarktisstation und ...

Meteor booms over southeast England as onlookers left stunned - video
Daily Express
A METEOR which boomed near to the southeast coast of England left onlookers stunned, with some describing it as the biggest and brightest fireball

AMOS Video Meteor Network
Harvard CfA
AMOS consists of an all-sky video meteor camera that is able to detect meteors brighter than 5th magnitude. Meteoroid is a tiny particle, typically only ...

Modelling cometary meteoroid stream traverses of the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX ...
Space Ref
Cometary meteoroid streams (also referred to as trails) exist along the orbits of comets, forming fine structures of the interplanetary dust cloud.

Meteor Scatter
De Gruyter
In a final section the theory for nonspecular echoes is presented. A. Low Density, Long Wavelength. It is assumed here that the meteor trail is formed ...

A meteor may have exploded in the air 3700 years ago, obliterating communities near the Dead Sea
Jumbo News
But all that was obliterated when the meteor pierced the atmosphere and exploded over the area. Evidence gathered at the Tall el-Hammam site tells the ...

NASA Perseverance Mars rover investigates 'odd' rock, zaps it
Mars is a haven for meteorites, and it's always notable when a rover comes across ... Is it a meteorite? ... Perseverance is already hip to meteorites.

Naturally occurring 'batteries' fueled organic carbon synthesis on Mars
Jumbo News
The group's analysis of a trio of Martian meteorites that fell to Earth—Tissint, ... Electron Micrograph (scale 50nm) of a grain from a Martian meteorite.

Lab-made hexagonal diamonds stiffer than natural diamonds
Science Daily
Hexagonal diamonds have been found at some meteorite impact sites and others have been made in labs but were either too small or existed to ...

Scientists Create Crystal Stronger Than Diamond
Named for their six-sided crystal structure, hexagonal diamonds have been found at meteorite impact sites, and others have been made briefly in labs, ...

Scientists just beat diamonds at their own game
... or hexagonal diamonds have been found rarely in nature (like at the site of meteorite impacts), creating them in a lab has proven next to impossible.

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