07 September 2009

Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News- 7SEP09

Irish astronomy group investigating after 'explosion in the sky'

DigitalJournal.com -
... that one was a Russian military satellite that exploded over the country, and the other was a rock from space which we predicted would have fallen on ...

Se necesitan $ 42.000 para estudiar los cráteres en Santiago

El Liberal Digital -
Sobre las excavaciones, puede determinarse el ángulo de impacto y las características morfológicas del meteorito. Luego se realiza el inventariado de las ...

42.000 need $ to study the craters in Santiago

The Liberal Digital one - ‎
On the excavations, one can determine the angle of impact and the morphologic characteristics of the meteorite. Then the inventoried one is realized of...
Nueve universidades andaluzas abren juntas una 'Ventana a la Ciencia'
Aprendemas.com -
... se abrirá a los meteoritos, “Fragmentos de otros mundos”, organizada por la Universidad de Huelva y que estará abierta hasta el próximo 4 de octubre. ...

Nine Andalusian universities open together a ' Window for the Science '

Aprendemas.com - ‎
... it will be opened for the meteorites, “ Fragments of other worlds ”, organized by the University of Huelva and that will be opened until the next October 4....

Una sonda de asteroide "colisiona" con la Tierra

El Día (Argentina) -
Por ejemplo -explicó- se cree que fue un cometa o un meteorito de apenas 60 metros de diámetro el que causó el desastre de Tunguska en 1908. ...

A probe of asteroid "clashes" with the Earth

El Dia (Argentina)-
For example - he told - one believes that it was a comet or a meteorite of scarcely 60 meters of diameter the one that caused the disaster of Tunguska in 1908....

万石博览会开幕 月球陨石首次来渝

新浪网 -
据悉,本次展出的陨石共有40多种,来自世界各地,是迄今为止我市最大规模的陨石展。 带来这些陨石的北京天文馆高级工程师张宝林介绍,火星陨石和月球陨石都属于比较珍 ...

10000 Stone Fair Opens lunar meteorites for the first time
Laiyu Sina -
It is learned that a total of more than 40 kinds of meteorites on display from around the world, is by far the largest city of the meteorite show. Beijing Planetarium brings these meteorites senior engineer Zhang Baolin introduction, Mars meteorites and lunar meteorites are all relatively ...


京华网 -
爱尔兰天文学家认为,对这一现象最合理的解释是,陨石或人造卫星撞进大气层,坠落地表。当时人们看到天空滑过的火球非常明亮,如明月一般。 爱尔兰天文学会负责人戴维 ...

Mystery fireball glide rapidly over
Jinghua Network
Ireland -
before the Irish astronomers believe that this phenomenon the most reasonable explanation is that meteorite or satellite crashed into the atmosphere, falling surface. At that time people see the sky is very bright fireball glide, such as the moon in general. Astronomy Ireland will be responsible for David ...


中华网 -
新浪科技讯北京时间8月14日消息据物理学家组织网报道,美国宇航局火星勘测轨道飞行器日前发回一张火星维多利亚陨石坑的最新靓照。这张照片是火星勘测轨道飞行器使用高 ...

NASA's Mars Public Figure: You absolutely can not think of the alien world
SAN FRANCISCO August 14 news organizations, networks, according to physicists, reported that NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has sent back to 1 Victoria crater on Mars the latest Match Friends. This photo is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter using high ...



新浪网 -
次日,他们二人又走向“Head”、“Bench”、“Sharp”等三个陨石坑,采集了岩石样本,沿途还拍了照片。“阿波罗12号”任务总共带回来超过70磅(约合32公斤)的月球样本,科学家利 ...

America probe photographed the Apollo 12 spacecraft to the moon traces (Figure)
Sina -
The next day, two of them again moved toward the "Head", "Bench", "Sharp" and so three crater, collecting of the rock samples along the way was also photographed. "Apollo 12" mission brought back a total of more than 70 pounds (about 32 kilograms) of lunar samples, the scientists li ...


宁夏网 -
1908年,一颗足球场大小的陨石在西伯利亚通古斯湖上空发生大爆炸,毁灭了周围近2000平方公里森林,而这种事件大约每100年就会发生一次。 美国国家航空航天局估计,约有 ...

New type of aircraft able to divert the asteroid collision
Ningxia Network -
in 1908, the size of a football field in the Siberian Tunguska meteorite explosion took place over Lake, destroyed nearly 2,000 square kilometers of the surrounding forest, while such incidents around will occur once every 100 years. United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration estimates that about ...

鮮知先贏/彗星 首次發現甘胺酸

聯合新聞網 - ‎18 時間前‎
過去曾從地球隕石中發現胺基酸,這次再從彗星中發現甘胺酸,證明構成生命的原始物質在太空中並不罕見。地球上的生物,有可能就是來自彗星或隕石。 NASA所發現的那些微量胺基酸是從冰核彗星Wild 2彗尾蒐集而來。 故事要從1999年講起。那一年NASA發射星塵號(Stardust)太空 ...

Little known, first win / Comet was first found glycine
in the past amino acids found in meteorites from the Earth, this comet was found again from glycine to prove that constitute the raw material of life in space not uncommon. Life on Earth, there may be from a comet or meteorite. NASA found that micro-amino acid is from ice cores collected from the comet Wild 2 comet. Let's talk about a story that starts in 1999. That year, NASA launched Stardust (Stardust) Space ...

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