16 May 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16MAY2018

UAE Meteor Monitoring Tower inaugurated
Gulf Today
SHARJAH: The Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences at the University of Sharjah, and in collaboration with the UAE Space Agency, ...

Fireball seen in skies above Fredericksburg Tuesday night
The meteor was "the brightest and most amazing fireball I've ever seen, in person or in any videos," wrote Chase K. of Dahlgren in his report to the ...

A lone meteor shoots across the night sky—It happens so quick, you'll miss it if you blink
The Epoch Times
This video shows something that you don't often get to see. We see a meteor go across the night sky, and though it only appears for a second, it truly is ...

Astronomers have lost track of nearly 900 near-Earth asteroids.
Daily Mail
A meteor is what astronomers call a flash of light in the atmosphere when debris burns up. This debris itself is known as a meteoroid. Most are so small ...

Scientists Lost Track of More Than 900 Near-Earth Asteroids, Report Reveals
Yahoo News
If there's one thing you don't want to lose track of, it's a near-Earth asteroid—a space rock that is uncomfortably close to our little blue planet. However ...

An Asteroid 2010 WC9 With A Size Of Football Ground Will Fly By Earth
- Market Global News (press release) (blog)

Asteroid Will Pass Between The Earth And The Moon Tuesday (Don't Panic)
WAMU 88.5
The asteroid is passing Earth at a much further distance than the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor, which, as EarthSky notes, “entered Earth's atmosphere, ...

International Meteor Organization
Close approach of 2010 WC9 on May 15 · May 14, 2018 by Karl Antier -. Latest Major Fireball Events. Everyday, we receive reports about Fireballs.

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