14 May 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 14MAY2018

Asteroid the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza to shoot past Earth TOMORROW
The asteroid in question, dubbed 2010 WC9, was first discovered in 2010 by astronomers using the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona. But shortly after it ...

Asteroid the size of a city block to give Earth a close shave
If it were made of rocky material, Ryan said, it might create a small crater and shatter windows — as happened in 2013, when a meteor entering the ...

An Asteroid the Size of the Statue of Liberty Will Whiz Past Earth Tomorrow. Here's How to See It
It is bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteor, which broke up entering the Earth's atmosphere five years ago in 2013. The Chelyabinsk meteor was two to ...

Asteroid size of a football field will miss hitting Earth by just 26000 miles tomorrow
The Sun
For example, it's much larger than the estimated size of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which in 2013 entered Earth's atmosphere, broke windows in six ...

Long-lost asteroid '2010 WC9' will buzz Earth TOMORROW - marking its closest pass for 300 years
There's no chance of the meteor striking Earth - which is a good thing because although it's not that big, it is larger than the Chelyabinsk meteor that ...

Jumbo Jet-Sized Asteroid Due to Whiz Past Planet on Tuesday Afternoon
Alaska Native News
... over Chelyabinsk, if one the size of 2010 WC9 made of iron were to hit the planet, it would leave a crater the size of Meteor Crater west of Winslow, ...

Asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth tomorrow. Here's how you can watch
While this isn't a particularly large asteroid, it is larger than the Chelyabinsk meteor, which broke windows in six Russian cities and caused some ...

2010 WC9: Asteroid the Size of the Statue of Liberty Set to Skim Past Earth
It is much larger than the Chelyabinsk meteor that entered the skies above Russia in 2013, but its trajectory will not bring it close enough to penetrate ...

Flagstaff scientists track 775092 asteroids
The cameras can be used to trace the meteor's trajectory back to its possible origin in the solar system. Scientists help track all 775,092 known ...

Is it possible to image a meteor so the rock is visible?
Astronomy Stack Exchange
I was wondering what one would see if they were to look through a telescope tracking a meteor as it shot through the sky. Technology aside, would ...

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Answer to [15 points] A small meteor approaches the Earth with impact parameter b and velocity v at infinity. Suppose that the rad...

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