01 March 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01MAR2018

First meteorite identified Japan in 15 years

Green meteor last night
Hoop Kart – Hoopkart
Green meteor last night. Witnesses have described the object as a green flash moving south to north for a few Flash boom. 'Last night at 9:57 PM Eastern Standard Time (8:57 PM Central), eyewitnesses in the southeastern United States reported seeing a bright meteor, which was also observed by 4 ...

Scientists detect 'fingerprint' of first light ever in the universe
Scientists have detected traces of the earliest light in the universe thought to emanate from the first stars formed after the Big Bang, billions of years ago.

Meteor seen in sky over Madison area Wednesday night
MADISON (WKOW) -- A meteor was unofficially sighted over the Madison area Wednesday night.

Meteor in Newcastle prompts X-Files investigation
Newcastle Herald
This is Mulder and Scully striding with purpose to investigate a strange unidentified flying object seen in the skies of Newcastle on Wednesday night. To be honest, it was actually reported as a bluey-green meteor. But Topics reckons one shouldn't assume a flying object in the night sky is necessarily a ...

A description of the University of Illinois meteor radar system and some first results
A brief system description of the University of Illinois meteor radar system is given. The data processing algorithms used in this system are presented and their performance discussed. Example of data recordings are shown illustrating the high data rate of the system. Some observations of wave ...

Impact Cratering on Porous Asteroids -- Experiments and modeling show how large-scale impacts into
highly porous targets form craters mostly by compaction.
--- READ: http://www.psrd.hawaii.edu/CosmoSparks/Feb18/compaction-cratering.html

ANSMET 2017-2018 Field Season -- 263 meteorites collected for scientific study from the icefields
surrounding Grosvenor Mountains and in the headwaters of Amundsen Glacier, Antarctica.
--- READ: http://www.psrd.hawaii.edu/CosmoSparks/Feb18/ANSMET-2017-2018.html

Watch This 500-Pound Meteor Light Up the Pennsylvania Sky
NBC News
Watch This 500-Pound Meteor Light Up the Pennsylvania Sky NASA says the fireball that ignited the skies in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio was a meteor flying at 45000 miles per hour.

Physicist offers theories about mysterious flying object in Trinidad sky
Looking more closely, a flashing object can be seen gliding through the sky. Professor C.D. Hoyle, a physics teacher at Humboldt State University with a background in astronomy, has some theories on what the object could've been. "It could be a meteor based on what I understand and other videos I've ...

The Big Boom Theories
But an object coming from space may not be so far-fetched. According to Mayor Cooney, about 25 years ago, a meteor flew over this area and made a similar noise. "I saw it, and then we heard a huge bang. That bang kind of traveled through the whole Buffalo Valley," Cooney said. But for now, the boom ...

Asteroid 2018 DU is the 17th known to pass between the Earth and Moon so far
The Chelyabinsk event was the explosion of a 17m large meteor over the southern Ural region in Russia. While it detonated in the atmosphere, the shockwave it produced damaged some 7200 buildings, with flying debris — mainly broken glass — injuring more than 1500 people. Near-Earth Asteroid ...

Was, wenn ein Meteor mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit auf die Erde trifft
Was, wenn ein Meteor mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit auf die Erde trifft? Unterstützt mich auf: Steady: https://goo.gl/5qPDr3 Flattr: https://goo.gl/8H7NLy.

Video: Three views of the meteor over western Canada
A meteor flew over Calgary and western Canada Tuesday night, and Herald readers have been sending in their videos of the event. Here are three views of them,...

Watch an experimental space shield shred a speeding bullet
Science News (blog)
Earth is surrounded by a cloud of debris, both natural — such as micrometeorites and comet dust, which create meteor showers — and unnatural, including dead satellites and the cast-off detritus of space launches. Those pieces of flotsam can damage other spacecraft if they collide at high speeds, and ...

Fireball event
American Meteor Society
AMS received 9 reports about a fireball seen over Flanders, Bayern, Zuid-Holland, Overijssel, Drenthe and Gelderland on Sunday, February 25th 2018 around 05:45 UT.

American Meteor Society
30 minute image stack between 20:30EST and 23:00EST August 29th, 2016. Taken using a Moonglow AllSky Camera in North Chili, NY. Did not witness event. North to the top of the photo, South to the Bottom. Uploaded by. Eschmann David © David Eschmann. Uploaded by ...

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