06 April 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06APR2018

Glassy beads hint at site of mysterious missing crater
Imperial College London
Around 800,000 years ago, a 20 kilometre meteor collided with the earth, producing a zone of debris in Australasia which covers a tenth of the Earth's surface. However, despite the impact's relatively young age in geological terms, and the meteor's size, the resulting crater's location eludes us.

Dinosaurs were dying off long before asteroid hit: Study
The Indian Express
A new study has said that dinosaur numbers were decreasing even before the meteor shower from 66 million years drove them to extinction. 0. Shares. Share. By: PTI | New York | Published: April 5, 2018 9:35:15 pm. Dinosaur extinction, University of Albany, plant toxicity, meteor strike, angiosperms, ...

Stargazing April: getting to know our mysterious neighbor the Moon
The Independent
You can watch the Moon pass in front of the Hyades star cluster (near the bright star Aldebaran in Taurus) on 18 April. And we're expecting celestial fireworks on the night of 22/23 April, when fragments from Comet Thatcher burn up in the atmosphere as the Lyrid meteor shower: best to watch in the early ...

Meteor Crater
Vatican Observatory Foundation
Asteroids and meteorites are right on the top of my list of interests when it comes to astronomy. Visiting Meteor Crater National Landmark in Arizona has been a “bucket-list” item for my wife and I for a LONG time. We visited the the crater on Easter Sunday 2018, and it was simply spectacular! My first sight ...

Another mural to be completed soon
Wetumpka Herald
The newest mural will span 90 feet and highlight points in history from the area starting with the meteor crash to Native Americans to famous people from Wetumpka up until present time. After the Saturday priming party, Blank Space will complete the mural over the next week if weather cooperates but ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for April 7-13, 2018
American Meteor Society
The estimated total hourly meteor rates for evening observers this week is 3 as seen from mid-northern latitude (45N) and 4 from the southern tropics (25S). For morning observers the estimated total hourly rates should be near 6 as seen from mid-northern latitudes (45N) and 9 from the southern tropics ...

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