25 February 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25FEB2018

Fireball February 24, 0h11m over Belgium
Meteor News
The messages started to appear in the meteor news groups as well as on Facebook. Below we give an overview of the first images we collected for this fireball from CAMS and from the EN All-sky cameras. Both Koen Miskotte at Ermelo (Figure 6) and Klaas Jobse at Oostkapelle (Figure 7) registered this ...

Mining for asteroids will be the next gold rush
New York Post
(Asteroids usually remain in stable orbit in the asteroid belt, but when one breaks off into space and hits the Earth's atmosphere, it burns up as a meteor — and often we can see them in the night sky as shooting stars.) C-type asteroids — the most common type, making up 75 percent of asteroids ...

Scientists examine potential meteorites at ASU Open House event
ABC15 Arizona
TEMPE, AZ - Is that weird rock you found a meteorite from outer space or just a regular rock found on Earth? People traveled to Arizona State University's Tempe campus Saturday afternoon for the ASU Open House to have their discoveries analyzed by scientists from the Center for Meteorite Studies.

Scientists test for meteorites at ASU
Scientists tested people's mysterious rocks they've found at ASU's Tempe campus to see if they might be meteorites from outer space.

NASA historian Erik Conway to speak on missions to Mars
Islands' Sounder
Planetary scientists have sought to collect and examine rock samples from Mars since the beginning of the space age over 50 years ago. They did so even before that using rocks blasted off the red planet by meteor impacts. But these ancient artifacts, usually collected in Antarctica, are insufficient.

Kids dig Rock-n-Fossil Day at USU geology department
The Herald Journal
Families were invited to browse dozens of samples, from regular exhibits at USU's Geology Museum such as dinosaur fossils and a meteor fragment, to a collection of impressive geodes, trilobites and more brought by world-renowned collector Val Gunther. Gunther's father and now his sons are ...

To clarify the first clip was taken tonight the second was taken febuary 9th. Credit Goes to Jasmin Original video and channel https://youtu.be/A0bJQlTH2x0 N...

March looming as a weak month for meteor showers
New Jersey Herald
March is a poor month for meteor showers. We have 10 of them, all weak. Remember, the days listed are peak time, and they have a few days before and after these times that they may also have some stragglers. The Rho Leonids peak March 1-4. Pi Virginids pea March 3-9 at two to five per hour.

Local TV News Station Captures What Appears to Be a Meteor Flying Over Trinidad In Broad Daylight
Lost Coast Outpost
North Coast News reports that their videographer Halcyon Simmons recorded the above video while filming a weather shot. But it wasn't until viewers started calling in after the station's evening broadcast that they realized what Simmons captured. “WATCH: What appears to be a meteor swept through ...

Events in 2018 690-2018 KML
Fireball event
Events in 2018 690-2018 KML. We received 35 reports about a fireball seen over Bahia, State of Bahia, Sergipe and Alagoas on Wednesday, February 21st 2018 around 01:30 UT. For this event, we received 8 videos. The trajectory displayed on the map and the KML file has been automatically ...

American Meteor Society
Fireball recorded on my All Sky Camera. Motion detection software timed the event at 11:08:46 PM local time. I have a 5-minute stacked image of the fireball that I'm including with this report. Uploaded by. Baalke Ron © Ron Baalke. Uploaded by ...

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