02 March 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 02MAR2018

Unconfirmed meteor seen throughout Midwest, technically qualifies as a 'fireball'
Surrounded by the magazine she helps edit, Alison Klesman on Thursday tallied the number of people who reported seeing a bright meteor on Wednesday night. "Technically, a fireball is anything that is brighter than Venus -- which is about a -4 on our magnitude scale, so this would technically qualify ...

Meteor in Wisconsin
Meteor in Wisconsin Subscribe to WISN on YouTube for more: http://bit.ly/1emE5YX Get more Milwaukee news: http://www.wisn.com/

Apparent Meteor Lights Up Skies Over Parts Of Michigan
CBS Chicago - CBS Local
CBS 2 News Digest ...

A possible meteor was spotted over... - FOX6 News Milwaukee
A possible meteor was spotted over southern Wisconsin Wednesday night. Take a look:

FOX6 News Milwaukee
The possible meteor -- caught on camera in Madison Wednesday night. This video is courtesy UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC)/...

Meteor fireball reported over Wisconsin, US
Citizens all across southeast Wisconsin reported seeing a meteor streak across the sky Wednesday night. Viewers reported seeing a green streak across the sky moving from northeast to southwest. There were 67 reports of the fireball according to...

Meteor Over Greenfield, WI
Spotted a meteor over Greenfield, WI on February 28th on my dash cam. (via: trendolizer.com)

Hundreds report sighting of east coast meteor

Bus-sized asteroid will fly between the Earth and the moon TOMORROW at 11600mph just days ...
Daily Mail
However, not all asteroids do pass safety from our planet. In February 2013 a 19-metre meter (62-feet) meteor exploded in the skies above Chelyabinsk in Russia. The meteorite broke up into multiple pieces as it entered the atmosphere, scattering space debris and creating a shock wave estimated to be ...


Michigan meteor

OT: What are Avangard and Sarmat? Russia's hypersonic, nuclear missiles Putin is so proud of
International Business Times, India Edition
Simply put, Avangard "heads to target like a meteorite, like a fireball," Putin said describing the weapon's unmatched capabilities during Thursday's address. Putin's "fireball" remark isn't without context. Avangard is built to withstand temperatures of up to 2,000 Celsius (3,632 Fahrenheit), which can be ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for March 3-9, 2018
American Meteor Society
As seen from the northern hemisphere, March is the slowest month for meteor activity. No major annual showers are active and only a few very weak minor showers produce activity this month. The sporadic rates are also near their annual minimum so there is not much to look forward to this month ...

Event 797-2018
American Meteor Society
Events in 2018 797-2018 KML. AMS received 68 reports about a fireball seen over WI, MN, IL and IA on Thursday, March 1st 2018 around 02:46 UT. D. Sound. 1 yes. 48 no. C. Sound. 54 no. Frag. 12 yes. 36 no. Google+0. Twitter0. Stumbleupon0. 68 Reports. a - julia l. Level 2. aa - Casper B. Level 1.

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