17 March 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17MAR2018

PICTURES: Remains of meteor that struck Saudi Arabia four centuries ago
The top section of the space-matter is currently on display at the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. (Supplied). Mohammed al-Harbi, Al Arabiya.net Saturday, 17 March 2018. The National Geographic team has visited a meteorite's site, called “Wobar (Wabar),” in the Empty Quarter of the Saudi ...

Chicora Meteor
Google News

A gigantic asteroid will zoom past Earth during its closest approach towards Earth
The News Recorder
The Phaethon is believed to the source of the Geminid meteor showers that reached its peak last Thursday night. Scientists are confused whether to call the space rock an asteroid or a comet, as it looks more like an asteroid, but sometimes it displays comet-like activity. Many scientists suggested that it is ...

Super-Schmidt Meteor Camera
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Super-Schmidt Meteor Camera. John M. Grant and Peter Millman with a Super-Schmidt meteor camera. Super-Schmidt Camera. ArchiveTags: Peter Millman · 1950s ...

Falling meteor over Fort Worth?
Reddit user d0ubleR says that this dashcam video captured a video of a meteor falling through the sky over Fort Worth this past Tuesday. The incident occurred about 4:15 p.m. March 13. The user posted it on reddit on Wednesday, March 14. He was driving north on I-35W just south of Loop 820 in south ...

Reports Report 1029m (Event 1029-2018)
Report a Fireball
Location. Address, Baltimore, MD. Latitude, 39° 18' 5.66'' N (39.3°). Longitude, 76° 35' 27.63'' W (-76.59°). Elevation, 19.04m. Time and Duration. Local Date & Time, 2018-03-16 20:40 EDT. UT Date & Time, 2018-03-17 00:40 UT. Duration, ≈3.5s. Direction. Moving direction, From up right to down left.

Reports Report 1029o (Event 1029-2018)
Report a Fireball
Observer. Name, Darrin M. Experience Level, 2/5. Remarks, End of path was obscured by roof so I estimated ending angle. Location. Address, Geneva, NY. Latitude, 42° 46' 37.06'' N (42.78°). Longitude, 77° 0' 18.32'' W (-77.01°). Elevation, 224.28m. Time and Duration. Local Date & Time, 2018-03-16 ...

Fireball report
American Meteor Society
Name, Sarah D. Experience Level, 4/5. Remarks, This was spectacular. I have never seen anything like it in CT. Every meteor I've seen travels horizontally. It was unique, and definitely looked like something burning up in the atmosphere.

Fireball report
Report a Fireball
Observer. Name, Adam C. Experience Level, 2/5. Remarks, This seemed to be much closer than any other meteor I've witnessed in my lifetime and would like to learn more about it and others. Location. Address, Stewartstown, PA. Latitude, 39° 45' 49.42'' N (39.76°). Longitude, 76° 35' 35.17'' W (-76.59°).

Fireball report
American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Kyle S. Experience Level, 3/5. Remarks, Just how bright the fireball was and how quickly came into view and disappeared with a smoke trail. And it was witnessed by me and my driver on a minibus as we were driving towards Driffield I saw it over the houses in Driffield. Location ...

Fireball report
Report a Fireball
Observer. Name, Bunting R. Experience Level, 2/5. Remarks, I was driving northbound on the a24 when we saw the fireball. Location. Address, , England (GB). Latitude, 50° 55' 18.55'' N (50.92°). Longitude, 0° 23' 58.8'' W (-0.4°). Elevation, 40.77m. Time and Duration. Local Date & Time, 2018-03-16 ...

Fireball report
Report a Fireball
Observer. Name, Karris R. Experience Level, 2/5. Remarks, Lasted approximately 3 seconds - I've never seen anything like it before. Location. Address, , England (GB). Latitude, 51° 31' 17.76'' N (51.52°). Longitude, 0° 25' 56.3'' W (0.43°). Elevation, 12.17m. Time and Duration. Local Date & Time ...

Fireball report
American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Tony W. Experience Level, 3/5. Remarks, only thing i can say is it didn't seem half as fast as meteors or fireballs ive seen in the past. Location. Address, , England (GB). Latitude, 53° 22' 7.13'' N (53.368647°). Longitude, 2° 35' 16.58'' W (-2.587939°). Elevation, 24.270081m. Time and ...

Menomous Solenodon, last survivor of a branch of mammals that appeared at the time of the ...
Science Daily
... and it is the sole remaining branch of mammals that split from other insectivores at the time of the dinosaurs. The solenodon genome sequence revealed the answer to several evolutionary questions, such as whether the solenodon species indeed survived the meteor impact that killed the dinosaurs.

Police Dash cam captures meteor (Date Location Unknown)
Police dash cam captures a meteor streaking across the sky. REF 13358 To license contact info@lpe360.com.

The March issue of Meteorite Times is now up.

Vidarbha: The Offbeat Maharashtra
Outlook India
52,000 years ago, a meteor weighing 2 million tonnes struck our planet creating a 2 km wide hole in eastern Maharashtra. The crater gradually turned into a lake with an ecosystem around it that is so unique that scientists from all around the world have come to study it. The lush jungles that surround the ...

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