08 August 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08AUG2017

Perseid meteor shower 2017
The best time and place to view the meteor shower which could deliver up to 80 shooting stars an hour.

Perseid meteor shower 2017
Royal Museums Greenwich
What is it, when is it and where can I see Perseid Meteor shower this year? Astronomer Tom Kerrs tell you how you can see this meteoric marvel.

Will the moon make the Perseid Meteor Shower a bust? When and how to see it
The Perseid Meteor Shower - annually one of the brightest shows of shooting stars - will hit its peak at 1 p.m. Saturday, August 12. Many years that ...

Countdown to Heartland Eclipse: Perseid Meteor Shower
The Perseid meteor shower can producer up to 100 meteors - also known as shooting stars - an hour in the night sky. The evening of August 12 will be ...

Perseid meteor shower 2017
Gloucestershire Live
People will be able to clearly see the meteor shower with the naked eye, so there's no need to rush out and buy an expensive telescope to enjoy it.

Perseids Return During Waning Moon: Best Viewing Tips
Warwick Post
A still from a NASA.gov detailing research that marks the Perseid Meteor Shower as the “fireball champion” of annual meteor showers. The Perseid ...

Stargazing: Orion and the Perseid Meteor Shower
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
We are now at the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, one of the year's best. The shower is named after the constellation the meteors appear to flow ...

Meteor shower nears its peak
Sublette Examiner
Due to the brightness of the moon, estimates for what will be visible this year run between 40 to 50 meteors per hour, according to NASA meteor expert ...

The stunning Perseid meteor shower will light up the skies above Bristol this weekend
Bristol Post
Amateur and professional stargazers alike are in for a treat this weekend as the annual Perseid meteor shower fills the skies above Bristol with a ...

Perseid meteor shower 2017: Where and how to watch shooting stars live online
International Business Times, Singapore Edition
There is good news for stargazers! The annual Perseid meteor shower is already upon us and is set to peak this week. The Perseids meteor shower, ...

Perseid meteor show to peak this weekend
The West Australian
The Perseid meteor shower will peak between August 11 and 13 this year, with the best viewing times around midnight in order to avoid light from the ...
Weekend meteor shower to follow tonight's lunar eclipse
Perseids meteor showers have been occurring in July and August already, but a maximum visibility is expected in Cyprus from Saturday at 5pm until ...

Carlsbad Caverns to host meteor shower event
KRQE News 13
Officials say the Perseid Meteor Shower is the most observed shower. They say it's possible to see about 80 meteors in an hour. This Saturday, the Bat ...

Meteor Astronomy at Turner Farm
Visit Fairfax
This class covers basic meteor astronomy including what meteors are, their origins, best time to view, fireball reporting, visual and video observing ...

Perseid Meteor Festival This Weekend
Kopernik Observatory & Science Center
Intermission Ltd, Lunar Lounge and the Kopernik Observatory Present. THE PERSEID METEOR FESTIVAL. A Benefit for the Kopernik Observatory ...

Perseid Meteor Shower
Town Planner
On Saturday August 12 the Calumet Astronomy will be hosting at event starting at 9:30 pm to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. This evening will be ...

Forget the eclipse. There's a big show in the sky this week
Dayton Daily News
A Perseid meteor streaks across the sky over the community of Cold Creek on August 12, 2015 in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, ...

Stay Up Late, Camp Out & Watch the Perseid Meteor Showers at Park District Programs
Cool Cleveland
But to tide you over in the meantime, there's a Perseid Meteor Shower coming up! It involves a stream of debris from a comet that is most visible each ...

You can watch the Perseid meteor shower from a Lake Winnipesaukee cruise
Granite Geek - Concord Monitor
From The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center: The Perseid Meteor Showers return this weekend, starting Friday (Aug. 11). The waning moon will ...

Celebrate Perseid Meteor Shower At Valles Caldera
Los Alamos Daily Post
JEMEZ SPRINGS – The Valles Caldera National Preserve will celebrate the height of the Perseid meteor shower with a star party Saturday, Aug. 12.

Join the Museum of Natural History for a meteor shower - Luxemburger Wort - English Edition

Perseids Meteor Shower 2017

AMS event #2610-2017
This video has been uploaded on the American Meteor Society Website. AMS Event: 2610-2017, Report (2610i-2017) Credit:D. Free

Events in 2017 2605-2017 KML
Fireball event

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