07 August 2017

New Mexico Fireball Meteor 07AUG2017

New Mexico Fireball Meteor 20:52 MST 07AUG2017

"I just witnessed a massive fireball under full moon conditions a few minutes ago. It was at a 40 or 45 degree elevation and directly south of the intersection of New Mexico Hwy 528/Pat D'Arco Highway and Kim Rd. Almost Venus-bright point that grew in intensity and finally flashed steadily at the end, with terminal fragmentation very visible. Duration was about two and a half seconds, time of event was 8:52 pm Mountain Standard time. Direction of flight was north to south with an apparent steep angle. I am checking the Sandia Labs all-sky network to back up my report, since it was so recent and happened too fast to take a picture since I was driving. No clouds and as far as I know there was not supposed to be any wind for any where in the south-central part of the state tonight where I witnessed this event. Hopefully something turns up from this one, it was spectacular to see.
God bless!"
Reported by Jansen Lyons

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