03 January 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03JAN2017

Stay up late tonight to catch Venus, Mars and a meteor shower
MetroNews Canada
A falling star crosses the night sky over Halle / Saale, eastern Germany, during the peak in activity of the annual Perseids meteor shower on August 13 ...

Triple Treat in Toronto Tonight with Venus, Mars and the Moon Over the City For the 2nd Time
Latin Post
Aside from Venus, Mars and the moon meeting, there will be a short meteor shower called the Quadrantids. This is a lovely sight with around 120 ...

Quadrantid meteor shower Tuesday morning could be one of the year's best
The particles that cause the Quadrantid meteor shower originate from the asteroid 2003 EH1. Since the orbit of 2003 EH1 is highly inclined to the orbit ...

Three cosmic events to occur within 24 hrs
Times of India
Visakhapatnam: Vizagites are in for a visual celestial treat on January 3 and 4. Meteor showers, Mars-Moon conjunction and perihelion or Earth ...

When and how to catch the first meteor shower of 2017
Henderson State University News Blog
The Quadrantid meteor shower is the first of the three most prolific meteor showers of the year, along with the Perseids in August and Geminids in ...

Quadrantids meteor shower peaks January 3
If you're in the western parts of North America or on a Pacific island, you may be in luck Tuesday morning. The Quadrantids meteor shower is set to hit ...

Look up! Your guide to some of the best meteor showers for 2017
Australasian Science Magazine
Patience can be rewarded as with this composite of the 2016 Geminids meteor shower, seen over Mt Teide volcano on the Canary Islands, off Spain ...

Quadrantid meteor shower January 2017: When are the Quadrantids and other celestial spectacles ...
The Quadrantid meteor shower appears to radiate from the former Quadrans Muralis constellation. The meteors themselves are residue from the ...

Get Set To Witness 2017's First And Most Gorgeous Meteor Shower Tonight, After Midnight
The Quadrantid meteor shower, which also boasts of being one of the best meteor showers, is about to peak overnight on the 3rd and 4th of January, .

Watch out for this year's Quadrantid meteor shower until January 7
Manila Bulletin
According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the annual Quadrantid meteor shower will ...

Vietnam welcomes first meteor shower of 2017
Others - VOV
On January 4, astronomy lovers will be able to look up and watch the sky over Vietnam sparkle with the Quadrantids Meteor Shower, according to ...

In the sky over Ukraine will sweep the meteor shower
Ukrop News 24
In the night of 3 January 4, above the Ground at a high speed sweep of the annual meteor stream Quadrantids. About it reports Today. A meteor ...

Venus, Mars and the moon will get close over Toronto tonight
Toronto Star
At around 4 a.m. Tuesday there will be a relatively short meteor shower, the Quadrantids, with about 120 meteors per hour, Schipper said. The sky ...

The mystery behind the extinction of dinosaurs is finally solved!
International Business Times, India Edition
It is believed that the Cretaceous meteor strike is the reason behind the mass extinction of dinosaurs, but on the contrary, other species of birds and ...

The Quadrantid meteor shower and other astronomical wonders to look out for this year
Young Post - South China Morning Post
The Quadrantid meteor shower will peak tonight at midnight, and at its height there will be 120 meteors per hour crossing the sky. Hong Kong Joint ...

First meteor shower of 2017 to fall
People's Daily Online
[File photo] On the night of Jan. 3, the earth will see its first meteor shower of 2017: the.

Quadrantid meteor shower peaks Jan. 3-4: Best places to see first shooting stars of 2017
The Quadrantid meteor shower will peak during the pre-dawn hours Tuesday, with prime viewing from late night Tuesday into early Wednesday as ...

Quadrantid Meteor Shower
Astronomy Forums
I plan to start my "Meteor Shower Marathon" for 2017 tomorrow night, January 3-4, with the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. You can get the details on this ...

Rare dinosaur egg embryo hints at 6-month incubation times
If correct, then the cards were really stacked against the dinosaurs' survival, meteor or no meteor. Long incubation periods translated to slow ...

Quadrantids Meteor Shower – January 3, 4
Irene W. Pennington Planetarium - WordPress.com
The Quadrantids is an above average meteor shower averaging about 40 meteors per hour at its peak. It is thought to be produced by dust grains and ...

Researchers Found Concentric Rings in the Debris Disk of a Young Nearby Star
Latinos Health
In this NASA handout, a 30 second exposure of a meteor streaks across the sky during the annual Perseid meteor shower August 12, 2016 in Spruce ...

Events in 2017
American Meteor Society
ID, # of Rep. UT Date & Time, Local Date & Time, Countries, States, D. Sound, C. Sound, Frag. Jan. Event 2-2017, 3, 2017-01-01 18:08 UT ...

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