07 August 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 07AUG2016

Spectacular meteor shower set to light up the skies
Herald Scotland
The Perseid meteor shower over from Noss Head, Caithness, Scotland, few miles to the east from Wick. Looking north into the Sinclair's Bay, in the ...

Meteor shower to hit this Friday
Dubai: Stargazers in the UAE will be thrilled to know that the annual Perseid meteor shower expected to fall this weekend will be the most spectacular ...

A shooting star spectacular
Cyprus Mail
This year's Perseid meteor shower is expected to be spectacular as double the usual rate of shooting stars are expected to occur, astrophysicist ...

August's Perseid Meteor Shower Will Be Spectacular With Double Meteors Diving Into Earth's ...
Christian Post
A long exposure shows stars behind a tree during the annual Perseid meteor shower near the southern town of Mitzpe Ramon, Israel August 13, 2012.

SLO County to get prime view of Perseids meteor shower
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Despite a waxing gibbous moon, NASA says this year's Perseids meteor shower display will be one of the most spectacular for shooting-star seekers ...

Stargazing: This week's meteor shower may feature unusually high activity
Tri-City Herald
College photography professors Donna Cosentino and Judith Preston watch a Perseid meteor streak through the sky above California's Anza Borrego ...

Jupiter Is Making The Perseid Meteor Shower Way Better This Year
Earth is expected to run into more debris than usual from comet Swift-Tuttle.

Warren County news: Free meteor shower campout at Caesar Creek
Dayton Daily News
The Perseid meteor shower will peak that evening, giving visitors the opportunity to witness the beauty of space while enjoying a night of free camping ..

View of the Perseid meteor shower will be spectacular–but likely dimmed by clouds
The best place to see meteor showers that occur annually at different times of the year is in a very dark sky, after you allow about 30-45 minutes for ...

Nature museum presents 'Perseids and Popsicles' to celebrate meteor shower
Times Herald-Record
Each August, the Perseid meteor shower reappears and the museum's dark skies make for a brilliant show. Participants will learn about the history ...

Head to Monkton Nature Reserve to watch this week's Perseid meteor shower
Kent and Sussex Courier
Get a view of one of the biggest meteor showers this year by joining the Monkton Stargazers. The group will be at Monkton Nature Reserve for some ...

Jupiter Is Making The Perseid Meteor Shower Way Better This Year
We see the Perseid meteor shower when Earth passes through the debris trail. Most years, it's not a direct hit. But researchers at NASA say Jupiter has ...

Perseid Meteor Shower 2016 Peak Dates: Spectacular or Overhyped?
Of all the shooting star shows that occur in the heavens, the Perseid meteor shower, which peaks Aug. 11-12, is the undisputed star. But this year, the ...

Perseid Meteor Shower over Colorado
Friends of NASA
Perseid Meteor Shower over Colorado .... Lightning, Iridium and Meteor, Oh My! Boeing's CST-100 Starliner Prepares for Space · Milky Way Reflection ..

The meteor of death cannot get here fast enough to save us from the presidential election
SOFREP (press release) (subscription)
The United States is turning upside down. While Republicans denounced the state of America at their national convention, Democrats embraced ..

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