28 August 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 28JUL2016

Mysterious fireball streaks across Western sky
CBS News
Anyone else jus see these huge fireball sparkle things shoot over Vegas. Was crazy lasted 30 seconds. pic.twitter.com/3YjYnq3G92. — Zak Bagans ...

Comet? Meteor? Missile? [9:30 pm]
Mysterious Light Seen Streaking Across California Sky. Southern California witnessed streaks of fire across the sky on Wednesday evening, July 27, ...

Government IDs fireball spotted in California sky
The Desert Sun
An unidentified object that was spotted over California and parts of Nevada and Utah Wednesday night was a Chinese rocket, officials said.

Last night's light show over the West wasn't a meteor — it was space junk
Washington Post
Around 9:30 p.m., Pacific Time, a meteor space junk from a Chinese rocket streaked overhead and broke up into thousands of tiny, flaming pieces.

Rocket or meteor? Bright object lights up skies over Nevada, Utah
CTV News
LAS VEGAS -- A Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere near California late Wednesday night around the same time many people shared video on ...

Meteorite over Los Angeles 07.27.2016 21.42 PM
Meteorite over Los Angeles 07.27.2016 21.42 PM. Super Кий.

Comet or meteor breaking up over Los Angeles 7-27-2016
Comet or meteor breaking up over Los Angeles 7-27-2016 ... Breaking NEWS: UFO,meteor, military?! celestial object lights up California night sky.

Fireball spotted over Northern California
Signs of the Times
A streak of light was seen over the eastern sky of Northern California Wednesday night. The light was also seen over Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and ...

US west coast, slow moving meteor yesterday
Cloudy Nights
US west coast, slow moving meteor yesterday - posted in General Observing and Astronomy: Where any of you able to capture or observe the slow ...

Meteor or space junk breaks up over Western US states
A meteor or space debris has been seen breaking up in the sky all over the western part of the United States, with witnesses reporting a "ball of fire" ...

Mysterious light streaks across SoCal sky, sending social media into
What the heck was that? A missile? A ufo? Or a meteor? over the city of San Fernando!...

Comet Meteor Fireball UFO in Sky Lights up California ( July 27 , 2016 )
Comet Meteor Fireball UFO in Sky Lights up California ( July 27 , 2016 ) ... July 27th, 2016 Fireball "Meteor" - Space Junk Reentry Over California ...

LA Residents Report Seeing Possible Meteor Shower Streaking Across Sky
CBS Local
LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Residents from Sacramento to Los Angeles and Las Vegas reported seeing what is possibly a large meteor shower ...

Mysterious, meteor-like flashes appear across the Utah sky
The Independent
Though many suggested that the streaking, glowing sight was the result of a meteor shower, shooting stars or even aliens, it seems that the strange ...

Mysterious fireball spotted from LA to Vegas
LOS ANGELES (CBS NEWS) - People from Sacramento to Los Angeles and Las Vegas reported seeing mysterious light streaking across the sky ...

Fireball or Burning Rocket? Blazing Streaks of Light Seen from Utah to California
YIBADA English
According to astronomer Jonathan McDowell from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, this fireball appears to be burning debris from a ...

US Strategic Command: Chinese rocket re-entering atmosphere is what lit up sky
A Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere near California late Wednesday night around the same time many people shared video on social media ...

Vegas valley residents puzzled by streak of lights in sky
Nellis Air Force Base said it was a meteor going through the area, while Rob Lambert with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society says it's space debris ...

Meteor over Reno 7/27/16
Saw it in Reno with my hubby. It was amazing!! So glad you captured it. Thank you :) One of those things you often don't see. Wonder what it was.

Meteor in sky over California, Nevada, Utah stirs up social media
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
LAS VEGAS — Social media is lighting up with reports from California, Nevada and Utah of a small fireball streaking across the sky. Officials from ...

"Ball of Fire" reported over skies of Bakersfield
23ABC received lots of calls about a possible meteor that has been spotted over Bakersfield. Several viewers from as far away as Fresno have ...

Meteor-like fireball races across western skies prompting emergency calls
KTNV in Las Vegas reports the Air Force confirmed the light show was caused by a meteor. Meanwhile, one expert told the Los Angeles Times the ...

Meteor in sky lights up social media in Nevada, other states
Washington Times
Dr. Ed Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, tells KABC-TV it may have been a meteorfrom the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower, ...

Eyewitnesses report seeing fireball shoot across N. Nevada sky
Several people have contacted News 4-Fox 11 to report seeing a large object shooting across the sky.Thefireball was seen heading east Wednesday ...

Watch Debris from a Chinese Rocket Shoot Across the Night Sky
... of California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Idaho, and prompted a number of social media posts of people asking about the meteor-like occurrence.

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: Watch Live on Slooh Webcast
The annual Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks overnight tonight (July 28), and you can watch the event live via a special webcast by the online ...

Ask Tom: Where is the best place to see Perseid meteor showers?
Chicago Tribune
Joyce emphasized that there is no need to travel great distances to see the meteor showers, just any dark rural location away from light pollution.

Summer skies light up for Delta Aquarids meteors
Are you planning on watching the meteor shower this week? Share your photos by using the hashtag #CNNSpace on Twitter, Instagram and .. 

Perseid Meteor Shower Watch
Asbury Park Press Search
11 p.m.-1:30 a.m. Friday August 11; Bass River State Forest is hosting a free Meteor Shower Watch. Join volunteer "astronomy guide" Wayne Vogel at ...

Mysterious light spotted in sky north of San Diego
The San Diego Union-Tribune
It was likely a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. "We've had a lot of calls, and people are talking about it on the California Warning Phone," said ...

Victor Valley Residents Report Seeing Strange Object in The Sky
VVNG Victor Valley News
Those who witnessed the object describe it as a possible meteor with bright flames and flashing lights, with a huge dust trail that slowly broke apart.

Nellis AFB: Light in the sky over Las Vegas was meteor breaking up
KTNV Las Vegas
Nellis AFB: Light in the sky was meteor. + 1 News Alert. Nellis AFB: Light in the sky was meteor. 1. Weather Alert. Excessive Heat Warning issued July ...

Delta Aquarid meteor shower to light up night sky
The nights may be short, but with the weather warm it's a great time to check out some sky magic. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks Thursday ...

Cataclysm at Meteor Crater: Crystal sheds light on Earth, moon, Mars
Science Codex
But the new study, now online in the journal Geology, sheds light on a more recent impact at Meteor Crater, which may be the best studied impact ...

Asteroid warning: World ending space rock that could unleash ice age to brush past Earth
Daily Star
A MONSTER asteroid the size of a football pitch is set to brush past Earth NEXT WEEK – and could spark another ice age if it hits the planet.

Spectacular Perseid Meteor Shower to Arrive in August
Spectacular Perseid Meteor Shower to Arrive in August.

Slooh Webcast On
The online Slooh Community Observatory will host a live webcast Thursday (July 28) at 8 p.m. EDT (0000 GMT on Friday) about the Delta Aquarid ...

07/28/2016 – Ephemeris – Two upcoming meteor showers
Bob Moler's Ephemeris Blog - WordPress.com
We have a couple of meteor showers of note coming up. The first is the Southern Delta Aquariids which will peak on the 30th. The radiant point for ...

Meteor Photography article
Digital Photography Review
http://www.lpi.usra.edu/books/MESSII/9021.pdf. which is meteor count versus mass, and the mass will be proportional to brightness. Roger.

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