21 August 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 20/21AUG2016

ANOTHER meteor fireball caught on camera above San Diego
Signs of the Times
A bright flash that lit up parts of the San Diego sky Thursday night continues to remain a mystery. The streak of light lasted a few seconds before it ...

Bright meteor stops traffic in southern California
SAN DIEGO, Calif. – A bright flash of light in the skies over San Diego had many people trying to get a closer look. A car's dashboard camera captured ...

Meteor Observation
The Meteor Observation on the International Space Station project captured an incredible video of a Perseid meteor traveling between Australia and ...

The Most Important Meteorite In The World
The Allende meteorite is the most studied meteorite in the world and is also one of the most important. Hinting at the development process of amino ...

Possible meteor over NZ spotted in the skies from around the country
The "huge fireball or space junk re-entry" was reported in the skies above the capital from about 7.30pm. Did you see it? Share your information ...

Bright green meteor fireball spotted in skies across New Zealand
Signs of the Times
People across the country are reporting what is possibly a meteor shining bright as it passed overhead on Friday night. The "huge fireball or space ...

Fireball report
Location. Address, La Habra, CA. Latitude, 33° 56' 41.7'' N (33.944916°). Longitude, 117° 57' 35.33'' W (-117.959815°). Elevation, 127.521m ...

Fireball report
Location. Address, , PA. Latitude, 40° 48' 10.48'' N (40.80291°). Longitude, 76° 34' 5.71'' W (-76.568254°). Elevation, 203.802m. Time and Duration ...

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