03 August 2016

New Sun-grazing Comet visible on SOHO/LASCO C3

New Sun-grazing Comet visible on SOHO/LASCO C3.

Imagery from the LASCO C3 instrument on-board SOHO (solar-observing spacecraft) shows a new Sun-grazing Comet appear in the bottom-right quadrant of the imagery - becoming visible at ± 07:30Z on Tuesday 2nd August 2016. The new Comet has begun to brighten significantly since 00:00Z today, (WED-03-AUG-2016).
The official SOHO imagery page has movies and still images available to view and/or download.
According to the latest available (as of 4-JUL-2016) data from NASA Horizons system, the SOHO spacecraft observes the Sun at a distance of ± 1.04E+06/1,035,144 miles from Earth; which is equivalent to 4.333 LD.
Credit- EISSCO
Written by MeteoriteDetective, UK

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