06 January 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06JAN2016

Outback meteorite retrieved by scientists
Perth Now
The November 27th fireball, as photographed by the Desert FireballNetwork observatory at William Creek, South Australia. (Picture: Desert Fireball ...

Curtin University meteorite discovery could hold clues to solar system creation
WA today
It was found buried half a metre in the ground at Lake Erye in South Australia by a team from Curtin University's Desert Fireball Network, which spent ...

Meteor shower could light up North Wales skies tonight
Daily Post North Wales
On offer tonight and possibly to a leser extent tomorrow is the Quadrantid meteor shower, which can viewed best either in Europe or North America ...

Renato C. Poltronieri
January 6 at 2:47am
Cometa Catalina filmado pelo Observatório SONEAR
Registro feito pelo Observatório SONEAR, em Oliveira (MG), mostra o cometa Catalina (C/2013 US 10) n...

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