12 January 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12JAN2016

Brisbane weather webcam snaps meteor passing over south east Queensland
ABC Online
A Brisbane webcam set up to monitor the weather has snapped the moment a meteor blazed over the city. The Australian Weathercam Network's ...

This Week in History: Entire city alight with radiance from meteor's flight
The meteor itself appeared to be a giant ball of fire shedding a soft radiance that illuminated the entire city. The sight of the meteor aroused all the ...

Meteorite Older than the Plante Unearthed in the Australian Outback
Youth Health Magzine
Aside from celebrating the turn of the year, Dr. Phil Bland and the rest of his team who are doing research in the Australian outback have better and ...

Meteoric display lights up night sky
The Sunshine Coast Daily
A STREAK of bright light has sparked meteor excitement on the Sunshine Coast. Nambour couple Ted and Libby Diefenbach were among those who ...

This Year in Space
McGill Tribune
What: One of the most striking and visible meteor showers, easily viewable because of its frequency (about a meteor per minute) and brightness.

Meteorite sighting brings avalance of calls
Gympie Times
THE Wappa Falls Observatory at Yandina was inundated with phone calls on Tuesday - 150 by midday - after a meteor or meteorite flashed across the ...

Geologists discover meteorite older than Earth
Australian geologists recovered a meteorite believed to be older than Earth itself.

NASA Forms Doomsday Asteroid Task Force
Sputnik UK
... with the Chelyabinsk meteor's 2013 dramatic and unexpected entrance into Earth's atmosphere a turning point making US authorities understand ...

Meteorite Retrieval Assisted By Solar Power
Energy Matters
Crucial to the discovery were the Desert Fireball Network camera stations across South Australia's outback; 4 of which captured the meteorite's ...

Geologists Discover Meteorite Older than Earth! In Australian Outback
Geologists have found a meteorite in the Australian outback that is older than Earth. FULL STORY: On November 27, 2015, locals from the William ...

Huge meteor fireball lights up sky over Argentina
Signs of the Times
Fire In The Sky Huge Meteor Lights Up Argentina. ... Further research into increased meteor fireball activity - including its causes, effects, and role in ...

Clues to a mass extinction found behind New Jersey shopping mall
Digital Journal
And the dating of this fossil layer places it within reach of the fatefulmeteor impact that sparked the climatic disaster that wiped out three-quarters of the ...

Fire In The Sky Huge Meteor Lights Up Argentina
Absolutely amazing Fire In The Sky Huge Meteor Lights Up Argentina. This video does not do it justice. Huge Meteor broke through our atmosphere ...

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