06 September 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04-06SEP2015

Sott Exclusive: Meteor fireball explodes over eastern Turkey, sending shower of meteorites to the ...
The Russophile
Sott.net readers in Turkey are reporting that a meteor fireball lit up the night sky over the eastern city of Bingöl on September 2nd, 2015 at about 23:06 ...

Bingöl Meteor Düşme Anı 02.09.2015 VIDEO
Bingöle Düşen Meteorun Kamera Kayıtlarına Yansıması. Meteor Yağmuru BingöldeMeteor Çarpması Türkiyeye Meteor Çarptı. Gök Cisimi Çarpması.

When Comets Get Old: A Synthesis of Comet and Meteor Observations of the Low Activity Comet ...
arXiver - WordPress.com
In this paper, we present a synthesis of comet and meteor observations of Jupiter-family comet 209P/LINEAR, one of the most weakly active comets ...

Atlas V rocket's unique trail mistaken for meteor, UFO
Atlas V rocket's unique trail mistaken for meteor, UFO. 3 min ago. share. Other. Source: Atlas V rocket's unique trail mistaken for meteor, UFO. 00:40 ...

Meteor? Rocket/missile? Seen over Florida.
Meteor? Rocket/missile? Seen over Florida. What is that?! Meteor? Rocket/missile? Seen over Florida. September 3, 2015 Videos. Related Articles ...

Miami meteor?
Miami meteorite? olbrechts serge....

Footage Shows A Fireball During Meteor Shower
Footage shows a fireball during meteor shower. Uploaded by Gray on Sep 4, 2015; Views: 2. Oh well! Tags. Night · Fireball · Meteor · Shower · UFO ..

Meteor Activity Outlook for September 5-11, 2015
American Meteor Society
While not ruining viewing conditions, the moon will still be a nuisance and should be avoided while viewing meteor activity. With each passing night ...

PICTURED: Photographer baffled as mystery 'fireball' seen among Northern Lights
"Today, when I started to make a raw video from the photos I noticed that there was one fireball photo in the other camera too. I was very pleased.".

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