27 September 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 26/27SEP2015

Slooh Webcast on
The Slooh Community Observatory will host a free webcast of the supermoon lunar eclipse on Sunday (Sept. 27). You can watch live here, beginning ...

Meteor or 'space junk' spotted over York - expert says it is more likely "illuminated contrails" from a ...
The Press, York
Heworth woman Donna Chamberlain was up with the lark on Friday when she saw what she thought could be a meteor or "space junk" burning up as ...

BLOOD MOON: How to snap TONIGHT'S 'end of world' lunar eclipse 'like a pro'
NASA is calling on amateur snappers to try to get the best shot of TONIGHT'S Supermoon before the Blood Moon lunar eclipse in the early hours of ...

Live Webcast of the Supermoon Eclipse
This weekend's full Moon is a "supermoon," the biggest and brightest of the year, and it is about to be eclipsed. On Sunday evening, Sept 27th, sky watchers in North America will see the swollen lunar orb glide through the shadow of Earth, turning it a beautiful shade of sunset red. The same eclipse will be visible from South America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia during the early hours of Sept. 28th. The Coca-Cola Space Science Center is broadcasting the event live at http://www.ccssc.org/webcast.html .

Study adds to evidence that viruses may be alive - Astrobiology Magazine
A new analysis supports the hypothesis that viruses are living entities that share a long evolutiona...

NASA to Announce Mars Mystery Solved
NASA will detail a major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news...

September Doomsday Asteroid: NASA Wasn't Lying About Our Safety
Nature World News
He later added that this prediction was born of a vision God had been showing him over the last 41 years, and that a meteor would strike the coast of ...

Autumn Night Sky: Constellations, Supermoon Eclipse, Meteor
The Weather Network
The supermoon total lunar eclipse occurs in the early hours of Monday morning but there are other celestial wonders to look out for in the autumn night ...

Rare supermoon eclipse: Look to the skies this Sunday for something spectacular
Orionids Meteor Shower - October 20: This meteor shower tends to be active in the month of October, usually peaking around October 20. People can ...

Exhiben fragmentos del gran meteorito caído en Rusia
Diario Metro de Puerto Rico
Pequeños fragmentos del impresionante meteorito que en febrero de 2013 cayó en la ciudad de Chelyabinsk, Rusia, forman parte de varias rocas ...

Huestis: October's Morning Planetary Parade & 2 Meteor Showers
During October there are two meteor showers of any importance. First up on the night of October 8-9 is the minor display of shooting stars called the ...

Meteor or 'space junk' spotted over York
The Press, York
Heworth woman Donna Chamberlain was up with the lark when she saw what she thought could be a meteor or "space junk" burning up as it entered ... Aircraft CONTRAIL! NOT METEOR!

Spaceweather.com Realtime Image Gallery
Fireball/meteor. Taken by Michele Englund on September 25, 2015 @ Spooner Wisconsin. Click photo for larger image. Camera Used: SAMSUNG ... Aircraft CONTRAIL!  NOT METEOR!

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