25 September 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25SEP2015

'Doomsday meteor' to brush past Earth TODAY, NASA's Asteroid Watch warn
Daily Star
Scientist believe a meteor the size of 2012 TT5 could devastate a continent if it crash landed. But now NASA's Asteroid Watch, who "detect, track ...

Size of meteor-made crater
Physics Stack Exchange
I am reading "What if" piece https://what-if.xkcd.com/20/ and I am very interested in how can one ever estimate the size of a crater? How can you ever ...

Loud bang as meteor disintegrates in the sky of Parana, Brazil
Strange Sounds
A meteor exploded in a loud band in the sky over Parana, Brazil. Witnesses report a large and geen ball of fire falling down to earth before explosion.

NASA: Massive asteroid heading our way today...but it will zoom past us
Scottish Daily Record
The Space Agency has spent the past few months trying to combat claims that a meteor will wipe out humanity at some point this month. Edinburgh ... Such a poor story it is amazing....

Three Myths of the Modern Age
The Real Truth
We counted 21 meteors in an hour. The streaks of light were part of the annual Perseid meteor shower that my wife and I recently observed.

Written by Wayne Gosnell
Blanco County News
There are crazy fringe groups out there who are convinced the Blood Moon on Sunday will be accompanied by an apocalyptic meteorstrike that will ...

Meteor, Oh Meteor, where art thou meteor?
Before It's News
[UPDATE] – Perhaps the meteor was going to hit off Puerto Rico, but as it approached the 'seen in the irfrared only” Planet X, it was enveloped into the ...

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