15 September 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15SEP2015

World's first double meteor impact found in Sweden
For the first time ever, Swedish scientists have discovered a double meteor impact from a fall that occurred hundreds of millions of years ago.

Double meteor impact led to creation of craters in Sweden
NYC Today
A double meteor impact nearly 458 million years ago could have resulted in two craters that have been recently discovered in Jamtland, Sweden.

Double Whammy: 2 meteors hit ancient Earth at same time
An artist's depiction of the dual meteor strike. Don Dixon/Erik Sturkell/University of Gothenburg. It's not altogether uncommon to hear about double ...

Double meteor strike hit Sweden 458 million years ago
Science Recorder
The double-whammy meteor impacts occurred during a period, about 470 million years ago, when two enormous asteroids—located in the asteroid ...

September 7 fireball over Thailand: Meteorite measured 3.5m, weighed 66 tonnes
ThaiVisa News
BANGKOK: — The meteorite which struck the Thai sky over Kanchanaburi province on September 7 was the biggest ever entered the Earth's ...

University of Arizona student sues school after 270-pound meteorite crushes his hand
Anne Ryman-The Republic - September 13, 2015
Lawsuit contends the 270-pound meteorite was displayed "unstable, precarious
and unreasonably dangerous" way. ...

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