14 September 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 14SEP2015

Meteor measured 4m, weighed 66 tonnes
Bangkok Post
The large flaming meteor was seen streaking across northern Bangkok about 8.40am, leaving a trail of smoke, with sightings also reported as far as ...

Confira como escapar se um meteoro cair perto de você na Terra
Em Bangcoc, um pequeno meteoro caiu e assustou a população. O Fantástico mostra a melhor opção para ...

Double Whammy: 2 Meteors Hit Ancient Earth at the Same Time
Live Science
It's not altogether uncommon to hear about double rainbows, but what about a doublemeteor strike? It's a rare event, but researchers in Sweden ...

First Ever Siting Of Twin Meteorite Impact
Tribune Register
Sturkell explained that when the water returned back to its surface, it carried with it fragments from the meteor which in turn caused large waves....

Two Craters produced by Double Meteor Impact discovered in Sweden
NYC Today
Researchers from the University of Gothenburg have found that two craters that were earlier discovered in Sweden were created by two meteor ...

Craters in Sweden produced by double meteor impact
The Space Reporter
Two craters recently discovered in Jamtland, Sweden, were produced by a doublemeteor impact about 458 million years ago, scientists from the ...

Meteor Crater Found In Sweden
Double Crater Created By Ancient Twin Meteor Strike Found In Sweden. Researchers have ... Also in the news. Meteor Crater Found In Sweden.

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