01 September 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01SEP2015

When the Sky - or a Small Piece of It Anyway - Fell Over Hawaii
Slate Magazine (blog)
The giveaway for me that this was a satellite and not a natural meteor was how slowly it was moving. Typical meteor speeds are many dozens of ...

Massive Meteor Falling over Big Island, Hawaii - Video
This video does not do it justice. Huge Meteor broke through our atmosphere and was falling to earth on fire! Just clocked off work and had my phone ...

Hawaiians Report Seeing Large Meteor Falling - Video
Residents in Hawaii shared videos late on Sunday night showing what appeared to be a large meteor breaking up in the Earth's atmosphere....

Meteor over Honolulu 30AUG2015 - Video
Meteor over Honolulu 30AUG2015. jfrantastic....

15 Reports
Fireball event
Report a Fireball; Log In · Sign up. Javascript ... IMO received 15 reports about a fireball seen over HI on Monday, August 31st 2015 around 08:59 UT.

'Light show' in sky mystifies Hawaii residents
Our newsroom started getting calls and emails around 11 p.m. Sunday of what some viewers described as a “meteor shower” in the southeastern sky.

Late Night 'Lights' Likely Cosmos 1315 Payload
Big Island Now
... Island Now with reports of what he described as “a huge flash in the sky and there was a huge bundle of shooting stars it looked like a mini meteor.” ...

Scientists explain mystery light show passing over the Hawaiian Islands
KITV Honolulu
... people who saw the phenomenon had many opinions of what the object could be – a meteor, a plane going down, even aliens coming to visit us.

WATCH: Massive fireballs streak across Hawaiian skies
The Weather Network
Several videos and pictures of the fireballs that crossed Hawaii's skies emerged on Twitter and Facebook, and the American Meteor Society logged 24 ...

There was a massive fireball over Almeria and Granada last night at around 10:15 pm. A huge rock hit the upper atmosphere at around 74.000 kph ...

Major Fireball Event over the English Channel
American Meteor Society
The American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Association received over 50 reports so far about a fireball event over the English Channel ...

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