23 September 2015

Palotina, Paraná, Brazil Large Fireball with Boom 22SEP2015

Breaking News- Palotina, Paraná, Brazil Large Fireball with Boom 20:00 Local 22SEP2015

Bright Flash followed by loud boom.  Details pending.  There may be meteorites on the ground.  Brasil MeteorRats scramble!

Flash followed by tremor scares residents Palotina in Paraná 
22 minutes ago UpdatedSeptember 22nd, 2015- Fonte e Fotos: www.UbirataOnline.com.br
He spent a fireball that was beautiful to see, it was a huge ball the same. "Said a resident from the vicinity of La Salette Shrine. Palotina from city residents were startled late on Tuesday (22), after a flash in the sky, followed by a loud noise. In social networks some report seeing something bright falling from the sky, others report that after the loud bang the walls of the houses shook for a few seconds, you must say it was probably a meteorite. ...
Photo shown in article is not of this event.

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