08 September 2014

PA ON Meteor 08SEP2014

PA ON Meteor Approx. 2000 EDT 08SEP2014
PA ON Meteor Approx. 2000 EDT 08SEP2014
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Check your security cameras!
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
08SEP2014 Darwin Gonzalez woodbridge ontario canada 20:01:00 2 secs north to south white brighter than the moon no saw it while driving on the highway, was flying very fast and only saw it for 2 secs.

08SEP2014 Amy Harry Shippensburg, PA 8:00 p.m. eastern time approximately 4 seconds I was travelling north, saw it in northwest sky, made a vertical decent (north to south) white/yellow streak, large fireball with orange in the ball. No sound very bright, bright as sun none seen Only comment is that because it happened around dusk, in the midst of the harvest moon, I was surprised it was so visible. My daughter was with me and saw it also.

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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