19 April 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19APR2014

Asteroid, Meteorite Impacts Can Preserve Biodata for Millions of Years
In two separate studies, geologists led by Dr Haley Sapers from the University of Western Ontario and Dr Pete Schultz of Brown University have found ...

Impact glass stores biodata for millions of years
PhysOrg - 6 hours
(Phys.org) —Bits of plant life encapsulated in molten glass by asteroid and comet impacts millions of years ago give geologists information ...

B3: the vitamin from outer space
UPI - 2 hours
Brooks Hays GREENBELT, Md., April 18 (UPI) -- Scientists say it's likely carbon-rich meteorites peppering the planet millions of years ago ...

Get Ready for the Lyrid Meteor Shower: Our Complete Guide for 2014
Universe Today - 10 hours
The month of April doesn’t only see showers that bring May flowers: it also brings the first dependable meteor shower of the season. We’re ...

Meteorites helping scientists unlock secrets of Martian atmosphere
The Times of India - 23 hours
About 40 meteorites that fell on Earth from Mars are helping scientists unlock secrets of the Martian atmosphere hidden in the chemical ...

Meteorites unlock secrets of Mars' early atmosphere
New Kerala - 17 hours
Washington, April 17 : Geologists, who analyzed 40 meteorites that fell to Earth from Mars, have managed to unlock secrets of the Martian ...

Comet 209P/Linear - May 2014 - Meteor storm of the Century - Latest Images | Energy
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