18 April 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 18APR2014

'Meteor Smoke' Clouds Linked To Weather In Opposite Hemispheres | MyScienceAcademy
MyScienceAcademy ⋅ admin
Noctilucent clouds are seeded by meteorites burning up in the atmosphere and form at Earth's polar regions. Researchers have found correlations ...

Get Ready for the Lyrid Meteor Shower: Our Complete Guide for 2014 | Space - Before It's News
The month of April doesn't only see showers that bring May flowers: it also brings the first dependable meteor shower of the season. We're talking ...

Remanzacco Observatory - Comets & Neo: Comet 209P/LINEAR & itsMeteor Shower
Remanzacco Observatory - Comets & Neo ⋅ Team
According to a prediction by E. Lyytinen and P. Jenniskens, comet 209P/LINEAR will possibly cause a big meteor shower on May 24, 2014. On May 29 ...

Meteorites yield clues to red planet's early atmosphere
The oldest meteorite in the study is about 4.1 billion years old, formed when our solar system was in its infancy. The youngest are between 200 million ...

Did vitamin B3 come from space?
... B3 (and related compounds) and may help explain meteorite chemistry. ... molecules called pyridine carboxylic acids in the Tagish Lake meteorite.

Hunt still on for fallen meteorite near St Thomas
CTV News
A Western professor has new leads in regards to a meteorite suspected of falling north of St. Thomas. The space rock hasn't been found, but they ...

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks April 22 - Astronomy Magazine - Interactive Star Charts, Planets ...
The annual Lyrid meteor shower is already underway. It is expected to peak during the morning of 2014 APR 22. The radiant is in the constellation ...

'Meteorite' narrowly misses skydiver
BigPond News - 20 hours
A skydiver has narrowly avoided serious injury after a meteorite hurtled past him. NONSENSE!

Ancient life on Earth may lead to finding ancient life on Mars
GLOBAL NEWS - 4 hours
A team out of Western University found evidence of past microbial life in a meteorite crater they hope will help scientists find evidence of ...

Vancouver's The Ring Finders get a job out of this world — locating a lost meteorite ring
The Province - BC - Victoria - 6 hours
When Stephanie Walker talks about the night she met her boyfriend in a Vancouver pub three years ago and the whirlwind romance that followed, ...

Huge meteorites and baby T-Rexes: Armagh Planetarium shoots for the stars
“We've got the largest meteorite in Ireland,” says Sinead Mackle, of Armagh Planetarum. “Kids can go up to it and touch something which has been in ...

5 facts about meteors that you might not know
Zee News
Here are a few newsworthy facts about meteors and meteorites: - Meteorites can be as small as the size of a tiny grain or as large as boulders.

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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