31 January 2013

UK Bolide Meteor Fireball 30JAN2013

UK Bolide Meteor Fireball ~21:03 GMT 30JAN2013

Meteor or Space Debris seen night sky near Birmingham Airport 30JAN13
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Initial Sighting Reports:


30JAN2013 JUDY THOMAS Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. UK 21:02 GMT 5 Seconds NORTH BRIGHT WHITE Really bright - like Venus? Looked like a ball/compact Very dramatic

30JAN2013 Melanie Lockwood Easington,Co Durham England 21.01 5sec east right to left facing north Blue moon didnt see looked very close to ground then just disintergrated

30JAN2013 Pamela PITLOCHRY, PERTHSHIRE, UK 21.04 7 sec N-S Greeny - blue Brighter than Venus No Covered short distance and then just disappeared.

30JAN2013 Richard Howard Sheffield, UK 21:00 GMT 5-6 secs Start between Mizar and Alkaid in URSA MAJOR travelling towards Deneb [5 Cyg]    N-E to N  I was facing North Greenish White V bright white hot split into 2-3 fragments turned dull orange and dissapeared close to the horizon

30JAN2013 mark gittings Tamworth england UK 21. 15 ish 3-4 sec e-w blue green moon yes really BIG !!!

30JAN2013 john ross wellingborough, england 21.15 3 sec E-W, facing north bright green sun no started high falling to horizon

30JAN2013 Neil Ryan Carlton (SELBY), Yorkshire, England 21:20 GMT 1 Second E-W Facing North Bright Green Moon No None

30JAN2013 kurt whjte nottingham england uk GMT approx 21.15 2_ 3 seconds north bright green brighter no awesome

30JAN2013 Steve Taylor Hull  54N 0E 21:15 GMT 5 NE-NW Bright Green Venus Sparks in tail Like Green Firework Rocket

30JAN2013 Ewen Kirk Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland Around 21:00 GMT 6-7 seconds SE - NW Lit up whole sky with a green glow from behind me, turned and saw blue/green meteor fly overhead. About 2-3 minutes later heard what sounded like an explosion/sonic boom... Very bright, a little brighter than the moon Yes, saw small piece fall from tail Have noticed other people mentioning this on twitter as far as Highlands and Essex...

30JAN2013 Duncan edinburgh 21.15 gmt 10 facing east traveling east to west white/blue moon no round shape, no tail


30JAN2013 Glenn Quickfall Skegness Lincolnshire 21:01:00 Few seconds SW Orange/white Bright as the moon. Couldn't tell Just sat watching TV and it caught my eye, was quite large

30JAN2013 Anna BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND 21:03:00 7 or 8 seconds I was facing between 20-30 degrees NE. Meteor was seen travelling diagonally and steadily from NE to SW heading towards ground Incredibly bright green orb (size of a pea in sight) with slight glowing white tail. Bright as the moon at least Did not see signs of fragmentation I was driving at the time unfortunately and could not capture an image

30JAN2013 Mark Hutchinson sheffield UK 21.3 2 East to West White, Green moon very bright a little trace non

30JAN2013 Tom Paturet OlM Luxembourg Europe +-22:35 +-6 from north to south no special color like a sylvester rocket when it's flying i could see small burning particules falling off no other comments

30JAN2013 jamie thorpe Darlington, county durham, united kingdom 2103 hrs GMT 3 - 4 seconds nne-nnw dropping at approximately 20° bright fireball (venus brightness) with trail venus no none

30JAN2013 M Edwards BELTON, NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE 21:00GMT Visible for a few maybe 3-5 seconds dropping rapidly NE TO  SW Orange ball with large trail of orange sparks. Looked up and saw it falling rapidly no sound. Flame orange spark trail quite large too quick to get phone out let alone take pic. Dropping rapidly. Was hard to tell if small and close or large and far away! Dropping probably at 25 degrees off vertical

30JAN2013 A Wallace Cheadle, UK 09:02 GMT 5 sec NW of sky travelling SE to NW Bright green, no sound Was brighter than Venus No Behind a thin veil of high cloud appeared as a small bright disc

30JAN2013 Mark Paice Nr Steppingley, Bedfordshire, ENGLAND 21:10est GMT 2-3 Seconds Travelling S-N, E of M1 Motorway Green fireball Brighter than the full moon Yes Appearance of a giant green firework falling and moving North rapidly

30JAN2013 Graham Hall Leeds,West Yorkshire,England 20:59 GMT Approx 4 Seconds Facing East - Meteor Entered East then burned up to the North (maybe N-N-W). Bright white in the main. Some greenish/yellow when burning out Brightest object in sky for 2 seconds. Thought it was a very near aircraft at first. Certainly much brighter than Jupiter which was clearly visible. In last 1/2 second fanned out into fragments I regularly go away from city centre to observe meteor showers. This was the brightest I've ever witnessed.

30JAN2013 RACHEL 5 miles South of BOROUGHBRIDGENORTH YORKSHIRE, UK 21.00 GMT 6 s NNE-NNW, looking North. Crossed sky (view impaired by buildings) at an angle of approx 20 degrees from the horizontal. GREEN, no sound half moon brightness No fragmentation, short tail green/yellow Largest meteor/burning space debris I have seen

30/01/13 William Hayter Ware, Hertfordshire, UK 21:30 approx. I can't remember exactly. Probably ten seconds maximum, maybe eight seconds. I was facing North. It appeared to be travelling from S-E to N-W. it seemed to be travelling in a descending direction, but ultimately just disappeared off the horizon. Vivid bright Green with bright White too. At first I thought it was a firework because of the colours, but it's movement soon discounted that as an option. Fairly bright. Like a firework. No, it appeared as a solid object. None.

30JAN2013 gary sheffield uk 9.10pm 3 Sec N-E Right to Left White ball with very light green around the front & sides with a small tail. If i had a 3ft football & was looking at it from 75ft away & 15ft high. That was the size of it. moon no bright luminous green around front & sides with small vapour trail

30JAN2013 Kelly atherton Eccles manchester greater manchester england London time 9.00 ish 5-7 seconds Right to left Green fireball Moon No but it had a sort of trail after it It looked like a green fireball with a sort of tail that trailed after it!

30JAN2013 shaun willocks Shrewsbury Shropshire. u k 21 about 12 seconds n e dim white3 inch ball with a 3 foot tapered tail dull moon no none

30JAN2013 M Bennett Birmingham, UK 21:15 GMT 5 secs Down, right to left, facing N-E Green with yellow/white tail Moon No Travelled slow towards ground, before loosing sight behind trees

30JAN2013 Jess Birmingham UK 2103 3 United Kingdom Firey orange Venus No Only caught part of the fall when I looked up from my phone and saw it in the sky over some buildings.

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MIGHTY MAC said...

skinninggrove northyorkshire coast united kingdom 21.04 pm .Large white green fireball witnessed. Approched from south as red moon arose over sea. Lasted 6-8 seconds traveling north towards scotland .Very bright and totally silent with a long white and green tail . Biggest and brightest ive seen

Travis Kerr said...

I saw it from West Palm Beach Fl in the northern sky moving eastward. It was moving at the speed of a nearby plane. I thought it was maybe a space program type launch at first. It looked like a orange plane but had the fiery afterglow stuff. it lasted for about 2 minutes for me then blew up. i think i heard it but not sure. It was very cool to witness

Jericho Cross said...

Paul - West Bretton. Approx 21:15 heading North on M1 and was overtaken by a bright green object with a long white tail travelling almost parallel with me. Visible for 4-5 seconds but I was facing North so only noticed when it drew level and passed me. Fastest thing I have ever seen.

James Beards said...

James- birmingham stetchford green ball of light with tail look really good
3-5 seconds north

Simon Taylor said...

Tamworth 21:03 on A5 large light green ball followed by a comet type tail

Vickychick1 said...

It was an amazing sight. 21.05 ish a bright green ball of fire whith a long tail travelling E to W. I was facing North. It lasted at least 4 seconds and continued over the horizon. From Vicky in Scunthorpe (30/01/13) 21.05 hrs

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

I saw this on 30th Jan 2013 at 21.03 from my front garden looking North - very bright. Northampton NN5 -Jennifer Ablett

Vickychick1 said...

30/01/13 @ approximately 21:05 hrs I saw a green fireball with a long tail travelling NE to NW for at least 4 seconds possible 5 seconds at most. It burnt so bright at first I thought it was a green flare, but realised it was a meteor because of the amazing long tail which had sprks coming off it. I was facing North & it disappeared over the horizon. It's the best meteor I have ever seen, the brightest with the longest tail & also the most distinctive colouring. A pleasure to see. Vicky from Scunthorpe UK

dooferdog said...

Bingham, notts. The fireball crossed in front of my car crossing east to west as I headed north on the A46. I was about 2 miles south of the saxondale juntion. The meteor appeared quite low in the sky and quite bright. I checked for reoorts on the bbc for any mass sightings the next morning but nothing. Then family today encouraged me to search again online and I am certain I saw the same fireball reported on the 30th jan by others as the location and direction and time are all consistent.

HHHAE said...

I was standing talking to friends when we noticed a bright white green ball in the sky heading north. We had no idea what it was and it was visible long enough for us to all follow it and wonder whether it was a plane/shooting star UFO! I guess at least 6-8 seconds maybe more. It travelled diagonally upwards then curved down and disappeared just like the video above. So pleased I found this website as noone believed us later! Sighting was in Sutton Coldfield , West Midlands.