24 January 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24JAN2013

Celestial sleuths track historic meteor procession to South Atlantic
(Phys.org)—A century ago, one of the most spectacular astronomical sights ever recorded lit up the skies when a grand procession of meteors blazed their way through the Earth's atmosphere. The event made headlines from Toronto to Pennsylvania and New ...

Seaweed Aliens Invade Earth Inside Sri Lankan ...
Chandra Wickramasinghe finds tiny algae fossils inside space rock.

Celestial Sleuths Track Historic Meteor Procession to South Atlantic
Space Ref (press release)
A meteor procession occurs when an Earth-grazing meteor breaks up upon entering the atmosphere, creating multiple meteors traveling in nearly identical paths. Instead of plunging down through the atmosphere and burning up within a second or two, ...

Russia Says Siberian Meteor Field Contains "Trillions Of Carats" Of Diamonds
The Russians have know since the 1970s of this 35-million-year-old and 62-mile wide meteor site known as Poigai, but have kept it a secret in an effort to control the market fed by their other mines and production of artificial diamonds. A Siberian ...

Seaweed Aliens Invade Earth Inside Sri Lankan Meteorite, Scientist Claims
Wed, 23 Jan, 2013 06:06 AM PST
Chandra Wickramasinghe finds tiny algae fossils inside space rock.

Fall That Glitters: Microscopy Reveals Stained-Glass Beauty in Ancient Meteorites[Slide Show]
Wed, 23 Jan, 2013 04:34 AM PST
Meteorite researcher Alan E. Rubin of the University of California, Los Angeles, recently examined 91 thin sections of 53 chondrites (fragments of ancient asteroids) to learn something about the environment that surrounded the chondrites when they first formed--before they became constituents of asteroids and before planets made their debut in the solar system. He recounts his efforts, and what ...

'Alien life' found in meteorite that crash-landed in Sri Lanka in December
Wed, 23 Jan, 2013 01:36 AM PST
A top British scientist has claimed that he has found proof of extraterrestrial life after he discovered tiny fossils of algae, similar to the kind found in seaweed, in a meteorite fragment that crash landed in central Sri Lanka in December.

Tiny, weird rocks in Healdsburg, Dry Creek areas are remains of meteorites
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
It turns out those rocks are tektites, part meteor and part earth, and are designated Healdsburgites after where they were first found, said Rolfe Erickson, a Sonoma State University geology professor emeritus who has been studying them for 20 years ...

Did you see it? Exploding meteor lights Bay Area skies Thursday ...
Star gazers and others who were awake well before sunrise Thursday were treated to a spectacularly bright light in the sky that a local astronomer said likely ...

Research at Meteor Crater | Meteor Crater Blog
Research at Meteor Crater Hi- Kim here. As mentioned earlier in this blog, we are currently undergoing construction in our admissions building area; also as ...

What is a good site for 2013 meteor shower info? - Yahoo! Answers
I'm trying to find a good, reliable site that has the dates and amount per hour. ... Well, ..., look at the sites below. They all vary a bit. The reason being is that Earth ...

Fireball across skies in West was flaming comet
Sacramento Bee
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- A California researcher says that fireball seen streaking across Western skies last week was a flaming comet. The brilliant streak of light was spotted across a wide swath of the West from Reno to San Francisco before dawn on Jan.

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