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31 July 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 31JUL2012

Meteorite on display in Tate Britain
The Oxford Times
A METEORITE which fell in a north Oxfordshire village 180 years ago has gone on display in London. The cricket-ball sized rock is on display at Tate Britain and is part of an exhibition by the Oxford artist and filmmaker Patrick Keiller. According to ...

Vietnam's murky meteorite market
GlobalPost (blog)
How do you sell a tiny lump of tar for $32 million? Apparently you just tell buyers it's a meteoriteblessed with space magic. Vietnamese outlet Thanh Nien is reporting an elaborate scam in Ho Chi Minh City that nearly lured an (apparently quite rich ...

Forecasting a memorable Lawnchair shower
Nashua Telegraph
Between midnight and sunrise on these mornings, chances for an exceptional Perseid MeteorShower are possible. Meteors associated with this shower can be seen through late July and mid-August. As many as 60 per hour on average and as many as 170 ...

KIWA-AM 1550 | KIWA-FM 105.3 » Perseid Meteor Shower Party
At the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower, over 60 meteors per hour can be seen streaking across the night sky. The very best time to view the phenomenon is in ...

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower tonight in Philadelphia skies
Just like most annual meteor showers, the Delta Aquarids occur when the Earth's solar orbit crosses through the debris path left by comets on their way around the sun. Scientists believe this path was left by comet 96P/Machholz, discovered in 1986 by ...

Tagish Lake Meteorite Does Not Solve the Homochirality Problem
Discovery Institute
Scientists from the Goddard Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory believe their recent studies on a Tagish Lake (British Columbia) meteorite sample may provide an answer to this question. (See here for the press release. The research paper is still in press).

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Alert: 10 Things Stargazers Should Know
International Business Times AU
There are many meteor showers marked in the astronomical calendar each year. This end-July shower is called the Delta Aquarid because the meteors appear to be packed from the 'delta' star of the constellation Aquarius. 9. This shower favors those in ...

Increasing Meteor Activity - YouTube
2 min
Last night, NASA's All Sky Fireball Network detected 17 Venus-bright meteors... WEBSITE ...

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