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24 July 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24JUL2012

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend | Spacecom
The annual Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks this weekend, but skywatchers shouldn't get their hopes up for a dazzling show, experts say.

Meteor: Amateurs Vs Scientists
Deccan Herald
The amateur scientists who stole the attention of the media after identifying a rock at Jogipura in Channarayapatna taluk as meteor could not answer to the posers of the scientists in Hassan on Monday. Participating in an interaction held at the press ...

Ancient astronomical observatory unearthed in Georgia
Today the Taurid meteor shower peaks on the night of November 5th. Yet 1000 years ago, due to a phenomena called precession of the equinoxes brought about by the slight wobble in the Earth's rotation, this meteor shower would have peaked 14 days ...

Watch WNC Skies This Summer
Another weekend to add to the sightseeing calendar is July 28 and 29, as the annual Southern Delta Aquarids meteor showers will come into their peak view. Each year in August, Earth passes into the debris trail left behind by comets. Some of the debris ...

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