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25 June 2010

Colorado Bright Fireball 23JUN2010 25JUN2010

I recorded a very bright fireball (mag -13) over Colorado on June 23 at UT
08:49. The radiant of this event was within my measurement error of the
radiant of the June Lyrid shower, which is suggested by the IMO as a
"possible source", and seems to have been more active in the 1960s. I
obtained an initial velocity of 47 km/s, which is high compared with the IMO
estimate of 31 km/s (I don't know how that speed was obtained).

In any case, this is an interesting fireball that fragmented explosively at
a height of 53 km. I have posted a report at
; be sure to check
the nice videos from two of my allsky cameras. Tom Ashcraft also caught this
on his allsky camera in New Mexico, over 400 km to the south.

Be sure to view the videos- the terminal explosion is very impressive.


Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

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