04 May 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04MAY2018

Eta Aquarids meteor shower to peak from May 4-7
The Eta Aquarids is the last major meteor shower until the end of July. Although the shower favors the Southern Hemisphere with 60 meteors per hour, the Northern Hemisphere can still expect 10-30 meteors hourly depending on how far south you live. The shower's debris originate from Halley's Comet.

Everything stargazers need to know about the Eta Aquariid meteor shower
The Irish News
Skygazers can look forward to seeing several shooting stars as Earth passes through the dust left over from Halley's Comet. The Eta Aquariid meteors appear every year at this time and are expected to peak this weekend. Here is everything you need to know about this celestial event: ...

Spring's best meteor shower peaks this weekend with the Eta Aquarids
Now that the weather has warmed up, it's a good weekend to look for shooting stars. The Eta Aquarid meteorshower will be at its peak. Though folks in the Southern Hemisphere will see the most meteors — up to 60 per hour — we'll still see 10 to 30 meteors an hour up here in the Northern Hemisphere, ...

Everything you need to know about the Eta Aquarids meteorshower set to light up the skies this ...
The annual Eta Aquarids meteor shower is set to shine in the skies of Lincolnshire from this weekend. Stargazers and astronomers will be in for a treat as the spectacle is set to reach its peak over the May bank holiday weekend. The shower is named after the brightest star of the constellation, Eta Aquarids...

Eta-Aquarid meteor shower to illuminate Doha sky tomorrow
Qatar Tribune
ETA-Aquarid meteor shower will illuminate the sky from the evening of Saturday (May 5) till dawn of Sunday (May 6), and residents of Northern Hemisphere including Qatar will be able to watch this celestial spectacle, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced on Thursday. QCH Astronomer Dr Beshir ...

Spring's major meteor shower peaks this weekend. Here's how to watch Eta Aquarids
Kansas City Star
The first major meteor shower of the spring peaks this weekend. The Eta Aquarid meteor shower can produce up to 30 meteors per hour at its peak, Saturday through Monday, May 5-7, though 10-20 meteors per hour is more likely, according to NASA. The best time to see the Eta Aquarids is just before ...

Microbes with a reserve pack of sulfur
Together with the Collaborative Research Center 754 of GEOMAR and the University of Kiel, a group of researchers around Marcel Kuypers from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen has now found some answers: In the sea off Peru during a trip with the research ship Meteor the ...

NASA mission to search for marsquakes
If a meteor impacts Mars during the mission's two year primary mission, SEIS could detect it as it rings the planet like a bell. HP3 will take Mars' temperature as it burrows down nearly 16 feet below the surface — deeper than any previous arms, scoops, drills or probes before it. This provides a view into ...

Driver sees meteor crash into field
The Times
A woman driving to work near Delabole, north Cornwall, was stunned to see a flaming meteor crash into a nearby field. Wendy Smith said: “First I saw a bright white light then about 25 feet away from me I looked up and I saw flames coming off this object.” She told a local radio station: “There was a long ... (Highly Unlikely- LMH)

Viewing the eta Aquariids 2018
International Meteor Organization
Unlike most major annual meteor showers, there is no sharp peak for this shower, but rather a plateau of good rates that last approximately one week centered on May 6. The eta Aquariids are particles from Halley's Comet, which last passed through the inner solar system in 1986. The meteors we ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for May 5-11, 2018
American Meteor Society
Here we present another impressive watercolor by avid observer Michel Deconinck. This time he shares a bright meteor he witnessed on April 9, 2018 ...

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