08 March 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08MAR2018

Loud boom, bright flash in sky reported over Western Washington
MONTESANO, Wash. — Numerous people along the Washington coast and as far inland as Montesano on Wednesday night reported a loud boom and a flash in the sky, Grays Harbor Emergency Management said. “Some report their home shaking,” the agency said. “Grays Harbor Emergency ...

"meteor" exploded over Aberdeen, WA, and it was silent, except for the
Hi all, I didn't know where else to write about this, but something is up. I go to Grays Harbor College, in Aberdeen. Tonight, I was walking...

This Stadium-Size Asteroid Just Zipped Safely by Earth (Video)
An asteroid the size of a sports stadium zoomed close by Earth Wednesday (March 7) and eagle-eye stargazers captured it all on camera. The asteroid won't be back again until 2026, according to NASA.

Meteor Turned Night Into Day Over Russian Urals. March 6, 2018
Residents of the Russian Urals have reported a colorful fireball lighting up the night sky before hearing loud booms. The meteor is said to have emitted red,...

Meteor Lights Up Night Sky With Brightly Glowing Fireball
CBS Chicago - CBS Local
A fireball lit up the night sky across the Midwest as a meteor fell to Earth. CBS 2's Susanna Song reports.

Meteor Activity Outlook for March 10-16, 2018
American Meteor Society
This weekend the nearly half illuminated moon will rise near 02:00 local standard time and will interfere with meteor viewing if it lies within your field of view. With each passing night the moon will become a bit thinner and will rise later in the morning providing the meteor observer with a better view of the ...

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