05 March 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 05MAR2018

A meteor flashes across the sky of Newcastle
Newcastle Herald
Meteor video: The date is incorrect because it hadn't been set. When he saw the initial flash and fireball, he thought “oh yeah, meteor”. “It got brighter as it came in,” he said. “I've seen meteors and meteor showers in the atmosphere before. They had a big white flash and looked like sparklers going off.

Meteorite in the skies of Newcastle.
Meteorite in Newcastle, near the Hexham Bridge. Video by Graeme Challen's dashcam.

Report a Fireball
Observer. Name, Leroy S. Experience Level, 4/5. Remarks, Haven't been stargazing since December meteor shower. Saw this tonight. Awesome! Location. Address, Lenexa, KS. Latitude, 38° 57' 35.36'' N (38.96°). Longitude, 94° 44' 38.21'' W (-94.74°). Elevation, 321.89m. Time and Duration ...

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