22 March 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 22MAR2018

Meteor lights up the sky over Georgia and Alabama
NBC News
A baseball-sized meteor lights up the sky. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

Meteor over los angeles today
Escola Nacional de Judô
5s, -8 Green Light Seen Over Southern California Believed To Be MeteorA green light that streaked across the night sky that was seen from the Mexican border to Central California was apparently a meteor or some other heavenly body falling to Earth. 1052c, 2018-03-17 12:58 UT, 2018-03-17 05:58 ...
Delta Aquarids meteor shower 2018: Best times, where to see it, weather forecast and everything ...
Liverpool Echo
Stargazers could be treated to a meteor spectacle later this year as the Delta Aquarids makes an appearance. The meteor shower ... Although it is not one of the most spectacular meteor showers, you are still in with a good chance of catching a glimpse at a shooting star. The shower runs annually from ...

Tiangong-1: China's out-of-control space station to fall back to earth soon
The Talking Democrat
According to ESA, the impact of the Chinese space laboratory, of which the Chinese lost control in 2016, is not comparable to what a meteor would make. In this sense, ESA specifies that from the 30 kilometers of altitude, the debris has a normal speed of fall that, in no case, would cause a crater on Earth ...

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