23 June 2017

Small Asteroid Enters Over Russia Likely Meteorites w/ Video

Small Asteroid Enters Over Russia Likely Meteorites w/ Video 21JUN2017
edited with additional information  and analysis of  video 2019hrs JST 24OCT2016 - LMH, Tokyo
NOTE- The VALIDITY of this video has been call into question by AMS due to lack of corroborating reports and only ONE SINGLE Video (labeled fake by AMS-Mike Hankey and others; they obviously were wrong).
edited  2400hrs JST 24OCT2016 - LMH, Tokyo

UPDATE! 26JUN2016 More witnesses and additional visual evidence supporting Bolide Meteor Event- Russia 21JUN2017!

Moskovsky Komsomolets Rusya Gazetesi – Rusça Gazete – Gazete Oku Google Translate it!
"It looks like an ordinary car": was there an explosion in the suburbs by a meteorite
Barybinsky meteorite is very similar to Borodino

On June 23, 2017 at 17:55, views: 7298-----
Major Super bolide meteor event over Domodedovo region of the Moscow region in Russia 
There is disagreement as to whether this is a real event, re-used video OR a Faked CGI video.  Time will tell... I am standing by that the video is authentic. (I cannot determine if is is a re-used video of another event.) LMH, Tokyo

В Домодедово упал метеорит Сергей Барыбино 3,393 viewsAccording to the video information provided by the viewer to the television channel Dozhd, the meteor flew over the Domodedovo region of the Moscow region and burned in the upper atmosphere at an altitude of 80-90 km above the Earth. Judging by the video from the autoregistrator Sergei, published by the TV channel and the eyewitness himself, the shooting site was made near the village of Barybino, in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region. The date of uploading the video is June 21, 2017, so the meteor fell not later than this date (at night, early morning or late evening).
Published on Jun 22, 2017
An unknown object fell in Domodedovo. Judging by the video from the auto-registrator, it is very similar to a falling star. Video of the event "Rain" was sent by our viewer Sergey. Vladimir Surdin, associate professor of the Physics Department of the Moscow State University, told what exactly could fall from the sky.

.В Домодедово упал неизвестный объект. Судя по видео с авторегистратора, он очень похож на падающую звезду. Видео произошедшего «Дождю» прислал наш зритель Сергей. О том, что именно могло упасть с неба, рассказал доцент физического факультета МГУ Владимир Сурдин.

Analysis of video- comments and replies used by permission of Thomas Dorman.
1.I was asked to look at the video by Dirk Ross in Japan who runs Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News because it does look somewhat odd. It goes through a lot of flash around thirteen and visually the event look strange on the video. We zoomed in on the event and have looked closely and from what we see it looks real. The event bounce along as the vehicle goes down the road and the bounce is in motion with the clouds in the video. Also if you watch the video closely the cloud trail left behind by the event does expands on the minor axis of the event which is what you would expect.Believe part of the problem with the way the video looks is it was shot with a cheap CMOS dashboard video camera in addition we are getting a crappy video compression from YouTube.. Interesting to note that something continues on after the ablation event ends leaving a faint trail on the video which shows up clearly in a a zoomed in inverted video we did of the event. The angle of decent looks to be around thirteen degrees or so, at least as seen on this video but this should not be taken as fact since it is only the perspective of one view of the event. The observer looks to be behind and to one side of the event and since it seems not to be extremely high above the observer's horizon which would indicate the observer was some distance from the event. Can't say this isn't a earth grazing bolide meteor event but if it isn't looks like there is a very good chance this event dropped rocks. The Russian are calling this a small asteroid event. Our guess from the peanut gallery is we are probably looking at something the size of a small refrigerator.
Thomas Dorman

Mike Hankey , AMS, claims this was faked/ hoax we have asked Mike to support his claim. Just for the record I did break the video down into individual frames and look closely at it and all I see is a event recorded on crappy video camera with crappy video compression with a vehicle bouncing down a highway..
Thomas Dorman

Mike (Hankey, AMS)  the argument the IMO and AMS did not receive reports of this event is not surprising since if you look at that AMS and IMO Report sites, which are mirrors of each other, there has only been a total of 5 reports in 2017 from Russia and those were in the first 3 months of 2017 nothing from Russia after March that I see.
This event was not even close to been comparable to Chelyabinsk Super bolide event . The Chelyabinsk meteor was believe to be in the 20 meter range in size this one we are looking at right now was ,our guesstimation was around the size of a small or what is sometimes called a mini refrigerator. Not even close to a Chelyabinsk type event.
Observed a super Bolide last May with three members of the Sun City Extreme astronomers. This event was 13th or 14th magnitude. This event cast shadows on the ground and had an acoustic event. We were the only ones who saw it. There was the big Texas Star party maybe 30 miles North of the event and no one saw or heard it. With in about 80 mile of the event was El Paso, Texas and Juarez Mexico with more than 2 million people no a single report, Nothing on the IMO or AMS. We found two video from the North American Fire ball network in New Mexico nearly 150 miles away or more away. If we had not reported the event no one would have seen it or really known it had happened or there was even a videos of the event.
As for DOD/JPL do not report all such events we know this as fact.
Mike Kentrianakis yep there is a trail before you see the fireball our guess is it wasn't bright enough for the camera at that point but take note of the brightness of the car lights of cars coming right at camera in the video. These light are head on into the camera and they are rather dim.
In closing arguments nope cannot prove the even isn't a fake for sure with out having a copy of the original video but we see nothing on the video,that this time, that would suggest to us it was faked. If this is a fake then some of the dash cam videos of Chelyabinsk based on just video aspects could be called in to question. Just an opinion from the peanut gallery and opinions are like behinds ever body has one! ;O)
Thomas Dorman

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