28 February 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 28FEB2017

Meteor over Texas captured on video
Fireball was captured via Sandia all-sky camera in Hawley, Texas at 02:56 UTC on February 27, 2017.

Fireball rocks region following reports of an explosion in Scurry County
Reports of sounds of an explosion made their way to the Snyder Volunteer Fire Department after a meteor crashed through the atmosphere on Sunday ...

Mysterious fireball seen across Big Country likely a meteorite
Alan Caffey, a teacher at the Abilene ISD planetarium, said the fireball is actually a meteor. He said they can be as small as grain of sand and burn ...

Fireball Spotted, Explosion Reported in Scurry County
SCURRY COUNTY, Texas (Local 2/FOX24) - A bright streak in the sky and the sounds of a loud explosion lead to 40 reports of a fireball seen ...

Long-lasting fireball over Texas captured on video
The Watchers
The American Meteor Society has so far received 31 reports. The majority came from Texas but eyewitnesses from Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado ...

Big* Meteor Strikes Earth's Atmosphere – Spotted from 4 States!
Earth Changing Extremities - WordPress.com

Doubt cast over 'meteor' sightings over Hobart with plane contrails the likely explanation
The Mercury
A “METEOR” type object seen in the skies over Hobart this morning was more than likely the contrail of a plane heading to New Zealand shining in the ...

Spectacular 'Fireball' Spotted Over Hobart Sparks Debate
Yahoo7 News
Astrophysicists have weighed in after a spectacular slow-moving fireball was spotted over the skies of Hobart, Tasmania, on Tuesday, February 28.

'Fireball' Spotted Over Tasmania Likely an Optical Illusion, Physicists Say
Yahoo7 Be
Storyful contacted a pair of physicists at the University of Tasmania who said the object was not consistent with a meteor or a satellite. They said the ...

Researchers aim to measure risk of exploding asteroids
The Chelyabinsk meteor, which became a fireball brighter than the sun, a superbolide, as it entered Earth's atmosphere above Russia, exploded 19 ...

Meteor Scatter Reception on RTL-SDR
Spurred on by fond memories of our adventures in Meteor Scatter earlier in 2015 at the Secret Nuclear Bunker, I set a mental note to watch the meteor ...

Scientists Reveal How We'd Actually Die If A Huge Meteor Hit Earth
Elite Daily
In the event that a meteor were to hit our planet, most of us would probably assume we'd die from the sheer impact of the huge rock, or the intense ...

Reports Report 792i (Event 792-2017)
American Meteor Society
Despite the local lighting the fireball was very visible, though brief. Did not here any sound associated but I was in a car with the fan on. The fireball ...

Reports Report 791s (Event 791-2017)
American Meteor Society
Remarks, Seemed like green fire ball was heading south west from Hardesty Oklahoma. We were traveling east..saw it in passenger window when I ...

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