01 February 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01FEB2017

Origin of meteoritic stardust unveiled by a revised proton-capture rate of 17/O
Stardust grains recovered from meteorites provide high-precision snapshots of the isotopic composition of the stellar environment in which they formed 1 . Attributing their origin to specific types of stars, however, often proves difficult. ...

Multiple meteor fireballs disintegrate in the sky over the US and the UK in the last few days
End Time Headlines
More than 7 fireballs were reported disintegrating in the US and the UK in the last four days! A bright flash in the sky was caught in the sky around 6:16 ..

Simple solutions of fireball hydrodynamics for rotating and expanding triaxial ellipsoids and final ...
Vox Charta
We present a class of analytic solutions of non-relativistic fireball hydrodynamics for a fairly general class of equation of state. The presented solution ...

The Mars Rover Found a Meteorite Made of Iron
NBC News
NASA's Curiosity rover recently spotted another potential meteorite on the surface of the red planet. Here's the catch: it's a lump of metal

Earth narrowly dodges three large asteroids
Manila Bulletin
In late 2016, NASA senior scientist Joseph Nuth said that if a large meteor were to be found on a collision course with Earth, “there's not a hell of a lot ...

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Vox Charta
The paper presents an analysis of Polish Fireball Network (PFN) observations of enhanced activity of the Southern Taurid meteor shower in 2005 and ..

How To Repurpose Your Old Radio To Listen To Meteor Showers
True Viral News
In November , the Leonid meteor shower will streak across the sky, peaking on the 17th and 18th. You could watch it. Or you could listen to it-all you ...

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 30 January 2017 - Preparing for Operations Beyond Low ...
Space Ref (press release)
Meteor Hard Drive Swap: The crew performed a regular changeout of the Meteor hard drive located in the Window Observational Research Facility ...

Getting a Strange Rock Meteorite Tested in New Zealand
Liveleakers I need your brains... This is some strange rock I googled the trance elements and found rare earth magnet metals, alloy and some I can't ...

Events in 2017 302-2017 KML
Fireball event
IMO received 121 reports about a fireball seen over AR, TN, TX, MO, OK, KY, KS, IL, NE, LA, MS and AL on Monday, January 30th 2017 around 12:13 ...

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