09 January 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 09JAN2017

Killer Asteroid Defense Plan Released By The White House: Report Says Threat Is 'Real'
The Inquisitr
... when a potentially hazardous object (read: asteroid, meteor, comet) intersects the orbit of the Earth in what could be a world-altering incident.

Tang Lung Elementary Allsky Captures First Meteor 24DEC2016
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Tang Lung Elementary School is Taiwan:s FIRST school to launch a meteor allsky camera system program that will eventually involve students grades ...

Meteor over Brazil January 7, 2017
Mysterious Space
Bright meteor registered north of Rio de Janeiro-RJ, on January 7, 2017 by the Exoss network monitoring cameras in the cities of São Jose de Ubá ...

Ontario, Canada Fireball Meteor 08JAN2017 w/ Video
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Double Click on PLAY BUTTON to view video. Ontario, Canada Fireball Meteor 07:38:05 EST 08JAN2017 c 2017 Rejean Hebert 2017 The FOURTH ...

Kirk Neely: Stargazing and Epiphany
Spartanburg Herald Journal
I knew it would be the perfect time to witness the impressive display of a meteor shower. The moon was in the first phase. On Sunday night, I walked to ...

State-of-the-art backyard observatory honors namesake's vision
The Daily Progress
Then another meteor shot by, resembling a firework as it lit up the ground. Over several hours, they witnessed hundreds of bright fireballs during what ...

Eye doctor spies sky from state-of-the-art observatory in backyard
17, 1998, the two staked out a spot to photograph the annual Leonid meteor shower, Wasiuta recalled. Around 2:30 that morning, he remembers ...

Top 10 celestial events of 2017 to eclipse them all
Steamboat Pilot & Today
#The annual Perseid meteor shower is among the best of the year. We experience this shower of “falling stars” every August, because Earth plows ...

Sanford programs announced
Chronicle Times
This August meteor shower, called the Perseid Meteor Shower, will be viewed from the high school baseball field. A movie will also be shown and ...

American Meteor Society
Reupload of AMS_Event_37 captured on 01_06_2017 at 10:32pm This event was captured on 2 Swann 2k cameras at different angles.

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