11 January 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11JAN2017

Asteroid 2017 AG13 zoomed terrifyingly close to Earth and we didn't see it coming
The Sun
He said the asteroid was roughly the same size as a meteor which exploded in the sky above Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013. This blast shattered ...

Huge meteors spotted hurtling towards Earth by Russian observers
The fireballs from above are thought to be part of the annual Quadrantids meteor shower which is usually visible in the Northern Hemisphere between ...

Blazing meteorite caught on camera hurtling through eerie night sky towards Earth
Fireball filmed by Russian motorist appearing from night sky in a flash of light.

UFO Sighting: Corroborating Witnesses Could Confirm New Year Fireball Event In Texas
The Inquisitr
A UFO sighting in San Antonio, Texas, could provide key information that could confirm a fireball UFO event in Texas, shortly after midnight on New ...

انفجار نيزك في سماء روسيا
AVA360 News
انتشرت على شبكة الانترنت مقطع فيديو يظهر لحظة انفجار نيزك فوق مقاطعة أرخانغلسك شمالي روسيا. التفاصيل: الاشتراك في فيديوهات قناة "RT" من خلال...

Introducing the Global Effort to Map the Night Sky
At 8:16 pm on September 30th, a bright fireball raced through the sky above the United Arab Emirates. In the desert below, cameras winked to life, ...

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