30 December 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30DEC2016

Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua Space Trash NOT Meteor 27DEC2016 w/ Videos
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News- Posted: 30 Dec 2016 12:58 AM PST
Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua Space Trash NOT Meteor ...

Giant 'million dollar' meteorite smashes into Earth sparking global treasure hunt
A giant meteorite has smashed into Earth sparking a major treasure hunt for its priceless remains - with some suggesting it could be worth over a ... Likely this was space trash! - LM*H

Turrialba Volcano Camera Captures Images Of Meteor Fireball Over Costa Rica
Q Costa Rica News
Eric Sanchez, from the San José Planetarium of the University of Costa Rica, explained it as a meteor fireball disintegrating on impact with the ...

Forget the ball drop, ring in the New Year with a COMET sighting! 'Bluish-green' object will fly next ...
Daily Mail
December has been a busy month for astronomical events, with back-to-back meteor showers and a stunning supermoon. Last week, the annual Ursid ...

A comet will fly past Earth on New Year's Eve. No, it's not a sign of the apocalypse.
December in general is a pretty solid month for sky watching. However, the Geminid meteor shower, usually one of the best annual showers of the year ...

Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2017
The Urban Astronomer
The first meteor shower of the year, the Quadrantids, peak on the morning of Tuesday January 3rd for those of us on the west coast of the United ...

Quadrantids Meteor Shower
Northern Virginia Astronomy Club
The Quadrantids meteor shower can yield as many as 40 meteors per hour, radiating from the constellation Bootes. It peaks this year on the night of ...

Top 7 Must-See Sky Events for 2017
National Geographic
Meteor Showers 101 Meteor showers bring interplanetary debris, ranging from pebbles to boulders, into Earth's atmosphere. Find out how these ...

Total solar eclipse is highlight of 2017 sky watching calendar
Baltimore Sun
While 2017 will bring a typical array of meteor showers and distant planet sightings, the most dramatic celestial event of the year won't be at night.

Watch: Meteor races past erupting volcano in Costa Rica
A large meteor flew by at right on top of the volcano as it began erupting Tuesday night. Officials estimate the meteor was about three miles from the ...

Top five most clicked on stories of 2016
Central Queensland news
In September Gladstone had a brush with global fame after a meteor crashed somewhere near the region. Some saw the bright flash of the meteor as ...
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