07 October 2016

The Latest worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 07OCT2016

VIDEO: Massive Fireball Streaks Past East Coast, Generates Loud 'Sonic Boom'
Nature World News
Hundreds of people reported seeing the magnificently large fireball streak ... Aside from the sight of the fireball, people also reported hearing a loud ...

Watch rare daytime fireball outshine the sun in North Carolina sky
WPXI Pittsburgh
“Daytime fireballs are only recorded a few times a year, if at all,” said Michael Hankey, operations manager for AMS. “The meteoroid, or underlying ...

Aliens With Sonic Boom Seen Over East Coast And Canada: Facts To Know
Morning News USA
More than 700 reports of fireball sightings flooded the American Meteor Society from people who allegedly saw this mysterious celestial phenomenon ...

Draconid meteor shower should brighten your Friday happy hour
But the Draconids are the rare meteor shower best observed between sunset and midnight when the constellation Draco the dragon, which is where ...

Watch a meteor flash through the sky
Hundreds of people reported seeing a very bright meteor in the skies above Canada and the Eastern U.S..

Another Fireball over the Great Lakes
American Meteor Society
The preliminary estimated trajectory plotted from the witness reports shows the meteor was traveling approximately from West to East and ended its ...

Huge fireball reported over Great Lakes [VIDEO]
Morning Ticker
A fireball is a term for a bright meteor, generally brighter than a magnitude -4, about the same as the planet Venus. A bolide is a type of fireball that ...

'I thought a plane had exploded' WATCH as HUGE fireball lights up New York sky
Several videos have emerged of the meteor seemingly heading towards Earth which show the fireball falling before a big explosion at the end.

Large Fireball Meteor Exploded Over Several States in US & Canada
Over 700 reports about the bright fireball reached the American Meteor Society from Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and several ...

Massive Fireball Streaks Across East Coast, Seen From DC To Canada
Tech Times
The American Meteor Society received more than 700 reports after a massive fireball was observed streaking across the sky over the East Coast.

Huge Meteor Caught On Camera
Riding my motorcycle to work one morning, I saw a huge green meteor. It was awesome. Location: NE Metro Detroit - Clinton Township, Michigan.

October Skies Herald Meteor Showers Throughout the Month
Starting at sundown tomorrow night, the Draconid meteor shower will reach its peak. While usually less showy than some, the Draconids do ...

Stunning Draconid meteor shower will light up the skies tonight and tomorrow
Daily Mail
The Draconid meteor shower, sometimes referred to as the Giacobinids, is one of two meteor showers that grace the skies in October every year.

How to see the Draconid meteor shower in Loughborough tonight
AN OUT-of-this-world display is on offer to Loughborough residents tonight (Friday, October 7) as a meteor shower of shooting stars is set to light up ...

A dazzling meteor shower is set for UK skies tonight
Star Radio
A stunning display of shooting stars is set to appear in the skies over Britain this evening when the Draconid Meteor Shower peaks.

Meteor showers across skies above Sri Lanka
Meteor showers across skies above Sri Lanka. It could be seen in extreme intensity on October 6 and its peak on October 21 and 22. Daily Mirror (Sri ...

Draconids Meteor Shower 2016: When & How To Watch
Morning Ledger
Reportedly, those who are living in United States, Canada, Europe and northern Asia will surely enjoy a better sight of the Draconids meteor shower ...

When is the Draconid Meteor Shower 2016? How to watch the shower LIVE online
Daily Express
What is the Dracnoid Meteor Shower? The Dracnoid Meteor Shower is a stunning natural phenomenon in which dozens of shooting stars illuminate ...

Draconid meteor shower over Derbyshire skies will light up the nightscape
Derby Telegraph
An astronomical display will be lighting up the skies tonight as a meteor shower of shooting stars flies across the nightscape. If an evening under the ...

When is the Draconids Meteor Shower 2016 - everything you need to know
West Briton
If you've always dreamed of an evening under the stars, you're in luck because the Draconid meteor shower is on its way. It will peak this Friday and ...

Find out how to see the stunning Draconid meteorshower this weekend
Bristol Post
If you've always dreamed of an evening under the stars you're in luck, as the Draconid meteor shower is on its way. It will peak on Friday and Saturday ...

Draconid meteor shower to light up northern skies
The Draconid meteor shower will peak this evening, treating the mid- to high-latitude northern hemisphere to the annual show. As Earth crosses the ...

Orionids 2016: how to spot a meteor
Sky at Night Magazine
The Orionid meteor shower season has officially begun, meaning it's time to get outside and look up in the hope of spotting a celestial fireball in the ...

The Draconid Meteor Shower Peaks Friday Night
101.5 WPDH
Viewers will be greeted by three separate sets of meteor showers from now through November. IFL Science reports that that the Draconids, Orionids, ..

Catch Flurry of Meteor Showers with Mobile Apps
An Orionid meteor streaks away from the shower's radiant near Betelgeuse in Orion. The timed exposure by Daniel McVey shows a green hue ...

Willamette Meteor - A well traveled erratic
Reading the Washington Landscape
The Willamette Meteor can be described as a triple erratic. The meteor landed in British Columbia or northern Washington or northern Idaho sometime ...

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